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“As I hope I have described, this was never a calculated progression. I just followed my heart, which said I should stop being distracted by popular music and start reworking older compositions and creating new ones at a more subtle level. This was the moment I realised that nobody can ever complete the dreams of another person. I was caught up with the idea that I should leave a cultural heritage. I discovered that melodies I composed

earlier fitted well into classical genres, I just needed to rework some parts. I also continued to compose new pieces. It took several years and a lot of determination. Within three and a half years I found myself working with fantastic performers such as the London Symphony Orchestra, one of the four best orchestras in the world. Later, at the Abbey Road studio, I joined up with the London Metropolitan Orchestra, famous for its Oscar-winning film soundtracks and unofficially, in musicians’ circles, considered to be one of the best orchestras in Britain. I recorded 16 tracks with them. In the spring I worked with the legendary Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, something I had dreamed about for a long time. We are now in discussions to hold a concert in 2018. I was lucky to work with such famous British musicians as the pianist John Lenehan and cellist Alexander Baillie. The famous choral ensemble, London Voices, were involved in four of the compositions I recorded with the London Metropolitan Orchestra. Recently, the British sound producer Jonathan Allen told me that a very popular Croatian pianist, Maksim Mrvica, wanted to record my composition Remember Me with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra for his new album.

This is great news as it is exactly how hits start to take on a life of their own. In August, my two new albums were released in a digital format;

they will appear in a physical format later. The first, Celestial, is a collection of piano solos performed by John Lenehan. The second, Waves from Heaven, consists of 12 compositions that have been performed by all three orchestras: the London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and London Metropolitan Orchestra, conducted by the famous British musicians Gavin Sutherland, Music Director of the National English Ballet, Andy Brown and Richard Balcombe. Award-winning sound producers were involved in the recordings: Grammy award winner Steve Mclaughlin, multiple Grammy nominee Chris Craker and BAFTA winner Jonathan Allen. The mastering was done by Andrew Walter, winner of four Gramophone awards and a Grammy nominee twice.

Әрқа­шан сенің қан­дай істі таң­даға­ның емес, оны қа­лай жа­сай­ты­ның және сол кез­де ішің­де не бо­ла­ты­ны маңы­зды деп есеп­тей­тін едім. I have always believed that it is not so important what you choose to do in life, but how you do it and what happens inside you while you are doing it. Все­гда счи­тал, что важ­но, не ка­кое де­ло ты вы­брал, а как ты его де­ла­ешь и что про­ис­хо­дит внут­ри те­бя при этом.

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