Future Plans

Tengri - - Kazakhstan -

“It is important for me to look for the next, maybe even more complicated, stage of my life and make sure I do all I can to fulfill my potential. I have always believed that it is not so important what you choose to do in life, but how you do it and what happens inside you while you are doing it. While working you should blossom, and this should affect those around you. I have achieved a lot writing songs. I worked hard to survive and I don’t think everyone could have managed it, but I was also incredibly happy. Perhaps it is the only task of human beings on earth, to be happy. So many artists, whom I dreamed of working with, sang my words and melodies. This was part of my long ascent of the mountain of life, and if I ever return to doing this it will be because I have an overwhelming desire to do so, not because somebody wants me to, but because I need to. We should not mark time waiting for gifted singers, so much music lies ahead of us and it comes to you when you live with it and dream of it.”

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