In-flight Wi-fi

Tengri - - Air Astana -

Air Astana was the first airline in the world to introduce broadband speed connectivity with Inmarsat GX from Rockwell Collins on its wide-body Boeing 767. Business and Economy class passengers can use a range of instant messenger apps and social networks, check emails and listen to audio. This new service will be available on two more Boeing 767s by the end of the year. You can select one of three internet packages: Start – 15

MB, Business – 50 MB, Super – 100 MB for

KZT 1,500, 4,500 and 7,500 respectively. The average connectivity speed is from 2 to 5 Mb/ sec. GX Aviation is a unique product on the market that has been specially developed for providing in-flight broadband connectivity with unprecedented speed and reliability.

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