Old Town odyssey

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It’s easy to explore the old quarter on foot as all the main sights are grouped close together. Cars and scooters are banned from the historical centre at certain times of the day making it a pleasure to wander around. Another way to explore the old town is to tap into local knowledge on a cycle tour, complete with a blue-shirted local guide pedalling you around the narrow back streets.

To get an overview of daily life in Hoi An in years gone by, visit the Museum of Folk Culture, which has a collection of artefacts connected to its traditional occupations such as fishing, farming and weaving. It’s situated in the town’s largest surviving wooden two-storey building. The nearby Tan Ky House is a centuries-old family house, which fuses Chinese and Japanese architectural styles with timeless Vietnamese design.

Many buildings in the Old Town are now working as coffee shops, cafés and restaurants so there are plenty of chances to sample a cuisine that draws on Chinese, Japanese and French influences.

To try some authentic Hoi An fare, head to the bustling covered market. Drawing heavily on locally grown rice, this distinctive cuisine offers a variety of noodle dishes, pancakes and spring rolls served with your choice of pork, chicken, seafood or fresh vegetables. A breakfast staple with a French twist is a crisp baguette, or banh mi in Vietnamese, served with pâté and fried eggs.

Hoi An is also a great place to upgrade your wardrobe, with scores of tailors making everything from formal,

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