Camden Passage

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Heading across London to the northeast brings us to Camden Passage, not to be confused with its much larger and better known neighbour, Camden Market. Camden Passage is located in the London Borough of Islington on a quiet pedestrianised street and is home to around 200 shops and stalls specialising in hard-to-find antiques.

It consists of four separate markets with collectible pottery, quirky home decor, vintage jewellery and accessories, all on sale alongside retro suitcases, antiquarian books, stamps and coins. Since the market started working in the 1960s, its specialist stores have earned it a reputation as a mecca for antique dealers and collectors from around the globe.

Camden Passage is open on Wednesday and Saturday from early in the morning until around 17.30. On these days, many temporary stalls set up alongside the shops that are usually open every day of the week. The nearest underground station is Angel, which is on the Northern Line.

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