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days. The This 2018 is PyeongChangKorea’s first time Win­terto host Olympic­the Olympics Games sincewill open 1988. in less than 200

린2018년하계올림픽평창동계올림픽이후처음으로개막까지우리나라에서이제채올림픽을200일이치르게남지 않았다.된것이다. 1988년 서울에서 열

Olympic­sBut the is na­tional nowhere ex­cite­mentto be found that with had the pre­ceded PyeongChang Korea’s Games first only Sum­mera few month­s그러나­away.평창올림픽개막을불과몇개월앞두고서도서울올림픽때와같은열기는살아나지않고있다. There are sev­eral rea­sons for Kore­ans’ in­dif­fer­ence to­ward PyeongChang.평창올림픽에대한국민의무관심에는몇가지이유가있다.

Un­like the 1988 Olympics which took place in the cap­i­tal, the up­com­ing Win­ter Olympics will take place at a re­mote alpine re­sort in Gang­won Prov­ince.

1988년 올림픽은 수도 서울에서 개최된반면 이번에는잘알려지지 않은 강원도의한산악도시에서열리게된다.

Also, Korea does not have a long tra­di­tion of win­ter sports and has rarely pro­duced star ath­letes ex­cept for 2010 Olympic fig­ure skat­ing cham­pion Kim Yuna.그리고한국에서는동계스포츠역사가비교적짧고 2010년 밴쿠버동계올림픽피겨금메달리스트인김연아를제외하고는동계종목에서스타선수를배출한경우도거의없다. The 2018 PyeongChang Games was sup­posed to serve as an im­pe­tus for boost­ing win­ter sports in Korea and other Asian coun­tries, but not much head­way was made in this re­gard due to lack of at­ten­tion from the pre­vi­ous Park Geun-hye ad­min­is­tra­tion.한국은 유치전에서 평창올림픽이 한국과 아시아에 동계스포츠 붐을 일으키는 계기가될것을내세웠지만지난박근혜정부의무관심으로눈에띄는진전은없었다.

The new Pres­i­dent Moon Jae-in has a lot on his agenda, but he should be more pas­sion­ate than his pre­de­ces­sor in en­cour­ag­ing the en­tire na­tion to get be­hind PyeongChang’s suc­cess.새로 취임한 문재인 대통령에게는 여러 과제가 산적해 있지만 평창올림픽에 전국민적

관심이Pres­i­den­t쏠리도록Moon전임자was보다는­named더열정적인honorary활동을am­bas­sador펴나가기­for바란다. PyeongChang dur­ing a되었다. fes­ti­val문대통령은Mon­day,평창올림픽200 days 200일a­head­카운트다운of the Olympics.행사에서평창올림픽명예홍보대사로위촉vowedHe문대통령은vowed­full sup­port­to이번­make올림픽이from the the games국민을‘치유’하는­cen­tral an govern­ment. op­por­tu­ni­ty올림픽이­for되도록“heal­ing”하겠다며the na­tion중앙정부의and전폭적인지원을약속했다. their Moon coun­try said again.he hopes the Olympics will help peo­ple feel pride and hope in­지게문되기대통령은바란다고또한말했다.올림픽을계기로국민들이다시우리나라에대해자신감과희망을가Kore­ans’ faith in their coun­try was shat­tered by the pres­i­den­tial scan­dal in­volv­ing ousted for­mer Pres­i­dent Park Geun-hye.많은 국민들은박전대통령이 연루된 국정농단 사태로인해나라에대한믿음을잃어버렸다. Many are be­com­ing more cyn­i­cal about Korea’s fu­ture due to ris­ing unem­ploy­ment, so­cial in­jus­tice and the wealth gap.고용 절벽, 사회적 불평등, 소득격차등이심화되면서점점더많은사람들이국가의미래를비관하고있다. How­ever, an event like the Olympics can help peo­ple for­get their woes, even if it’s just for two weeks.그러나올림픽같은행사로인해 2주 정도되는기간만이라도국민은여러근심을잠시잊을수있게된다.

As cheer­leader-in-chief, Moon should ex­ert all ef­forts to arouse na­tional in­ter­est in PyeongChang over the next six months and make it one of the most mem­o­rable Olympics in his­tory.문대통령은가장앞장서서평창올림픽을응원하고모든국민의관심을고취시켜올림픽역사상가장기억에남는행사가되도록노력을아끼지말아야할것이다.

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