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SINCE the start of the Arab au­tumn move­ment, rene­gades have been at­tempt­ing to wreck the sta­bil­ity of the King­dom of Saudi Ara­bia. They ad­vo­cate all kinds of lies which get dis­qual­i­fied by re­al­ity on a daily ba­sis. None­the­less, they con­tinue with their wicked­ness unaware of the fact that the land they are try­ing to wreck was cho­sen by Almighty Al­lah as the land of peace and se­cu­rity.

What th­ese peo­ple are do­ing begs to ques­tion: What do the rene­gades want from the King­dom of Saudi Ara­bia? Do they want it to be trans­formed into a wrecked land; sim­i­lar to what the ad­ven­tures of ter­ror­ists have done in So­ma­lia, Libya, Iraq and Syria?

Per­haps, they want this land to be ruled by a blood­thirsty dic­ta­tor like Ja­mal Ab­dul-Nasser or Stalin. Or they want to in­stall a leader like the late Sad­dam Hus­sein with mass graves of in­no­cent cit­i­zens.

It is im­por­tant for th­ese peo­ple to ben­e­fit from his­tory and to see how Arab coun­tries where royal lead­er­ship was top­pled un­der the pre­text of bring­ing about democ­racy, free­dom, hu­man rights the­ory and pro­tec­tion of public wealth went on to trans­form into coun­tries that pun­ish their peo­ple.

For in­stance in Egypt, where the streets of Cairo used to be washed with soup un­der the royal rule; and ma­jor coun­tries like Bri­tain used to bor­row money from it. How­ever, when Ja­mal Ab­dul-Nasser top­pled the royal rule, he turned the coun­try into a big jail. In­stead of ful­fill­ing prom­ises to his peo­ple re­gard­ing the dis­tri­bu­tion of wealth, he im­pov­er­ished the rich and the poor con­tin­ued to be poor.

From 1958 up to this day, Iraq has been sink­ing in the pool of blood. Cur­rently, its unity is at stake, or rather, it is un­der the threat of di­vi­sion. The same ap­plies to Libya which al­most be­came a mass grave af­ter top­pling the royal rule of King Al-Si­nusi.

Libyans be­came im­pov­er­ished ex­cept a low per­cent­age of the pop­u­la­tion that ben­e­fited from the rule of the ad­ven­tur­ous colonel. A sim­i­lar case hap­pened in Tu­nisia

and Syria af­ter de­pos­ing the royal rule, up to the ex­tent that the na­tion slept in a coup and woke up in an­other coup.

In the 1970s, a group of ex­trem­ists led by Oliver Cromwell worked on top­pling the Bri­tish monar­chy to es­tab­lish a repub­lic rule.

The group, which hid be­hind the re­li­gious cloak, strived to achieve this goal through civil war; but the loyal Bri­tons re­in­stalled the monar­chy rule in less than three years and ex­e­cuted the lead­ers of the coup by hang­ing on Lon­don Bridge.

At the time, those who called them­selves rev­o­lu­tion­ists took ad­van­tage of the eco­nomic cri­sis and pro­moted so­cio-eco­nomic class (caste) in a bid to gain the sup­port of com­mon per­sons; yet their main ob­jec­tive was to take over the reign. This is the same sce­nario adopted by the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood Group in Egypt. In fact, it is the dom­i­nant trait of such groups.

At first, its mem­bers try to con­trol the State’s do­mains, es­pe­cially the ed­u­ca­tional sec­tor which en­ables them to raise a gen­er­a­tion us­ing their spe­cial cur­ricu­lum. Then, the mem­bers in­fil­trate se­cu­rity es­tab­lish­ments by claim­ing they are fight­ing against athe­ism and cor­rup­tion.

Once the mem­bers feel they have reached the de­sired level of in­flu­ence, they start to in­cite peo­ple against the ruler who is usu­ally ac­cused of apos­tasy. They al­lege cor­rup­tion is ram­pant; hence, the need for change of rule to en­sure fair dis­tri­bu­tion of the coun­try’s wealth.

Fur­ther­more, they prop­a­gate to the peo­ple that they are the only ones who can save the na­tion. Once they take over, they start ex­e­cut­ing any­one they sus­pect of be­ing dis­loyal to them. This is ex­actly what Stalin did within three years. He ex­e­cuted a mil­lion Rus­sians and ex­pelled mil­lions to Siberia just be­cause he doubted their loy­alty.

All th­ese hor­ri­ble events and heinous crimes were not com­mit­ted by King Ab­du­laziz Al-Saud who man­aged to unite the king­dom with an area of 2.2 mil­lion square me­ters. This oc­curred when the king­dom was a mat­ter of scat­tered states soaked in chaos and con­flicts, over­whelmed by gangs which looted con­voys of pil­grims.

King Ab­du­laziz man­aged to unite the first strong and firm Arab coun­try. This prompted the fierce ad­ver­sary of the King­dom of Saudi Ara­bia to ac­knowl­edge in a rare stance: “This king es­tab­lished the first suc­cess­ful Arab unity.”

This sim­ple per­son, who united the re­gion, did not de­pend on brib­ing peo­ple or op­pres­sion and killing of his op­po­nents. Ac­tu­ally, he es­tab­lished his State on the ba­sis of un­der­stand­ing be­tween so­cial cal­ibers.

He made sta­bil­ity of the king­dom as his first ob­jec­tive in the sense that it will be able to stand up amid po­lit­i­cal floods and wave of con­spir­a­cies; while re­tain­ing de­vel­op­ment and pros­per­ity move­ment with­out any mis­giv­ings from his side.

Since 1932, the king­dom has spent more than two tril­lion riyals on the de­vel­op­ment of the Two Holy Mosques; and it has the high­est rate of aca­demics dis­patched to for­eign coun­tries.

At the time the so-called rev­o­lu­tion­ist dic­ta­tors were drown­ing their peo­ple in poverty and op­pres­sion, the Saudi monar­chs were lift­ing the sta­tus of their peo­ple and ce­ment­ing se­cu­rity and sta­bil­ity.

Is there any­one among the rene­gades who will present to the Saudis what Al-Saud has been giv­ing for the past decades? Or will the land of the Two Holy Mosques trans­form into a bat­tle­field and a place where ex­e­cu­tions hap­pen on the ba­sis of doubt like what tran­spired in some Arab coun­tries?

If th­ese peo­ple did not adorn them­selves with courage to be ready for con­fronta­tion and in­stead hid be­hind the com­puter and tele­phone screens to in­cite oth­ers through their ac­counts on so­cial com­mu­ni­ca­tion plat­forms, will they have even a mi­nus­cule of na­tion­al­ism to­wards their com­pa­tri­ots?

They have been proven to be op­er­at­ing out­side the king­dom. All of th­ese in re­turn for own­ing an apart­ment in Tur­key or ac­counts in Qatar’s banks or re­spond to the or­ders is­sued by Iran

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