The Kuwaiti hur­ri­cane!

Kuwait Times - - LOCAL - By Saad Al-Mo’tesh

Hur­ri­canes are spe­cial weather con­di­tions that may form in a cer­tain spot and get much might­ier in case they take place over huge wa­ter sur­faces likes oceans and large seas. They usu­ally cause a great deal of de­struc­tion to coastal ar­eas, and get less de­struc­tive the fur­ther they travel in­land.

The most re­cent hur­ri­cane we know about was the Cha­pala hur­ri­cane that struck the Omani and Ye­meni coasts, leav­ing con­sid­er­able dev­as­ta­tion be­hind it. The funny thing is that all hur­ri­canes and cy­clones are given fem­i­nine names and ru­mor has it that the rea­son for such names is that a woman is the only most dev­as­tat­ing and harm­ful crea­ture to all hu­man­ity!

Some peo­ple may mis­tak­enly be­lieve that, be­ing fare from large open seas and oceans, Kuwait is far and safe from hur­ri­canes. Well, I per­son­ally found out that they can­not be more wrong. I re­cently dis­cov­ered a dan­ger­ous ‘stun­ning hur­ri­cane’ in­side a restau­rant op­po­site AlSal­hiya Shop­ping Mall, in down­town Kuwait City but will not men­tion the restau­rant’s name to avoid any in­con­ve­niences. Peo­ple agree that hur­ri­canes leave con­sid­er­able de­struc­tion be­hind them, and that was what hap­pened when that ‘stun­ning’ hur­ri­cane passed by in­side the restau­rant, ‘stun­ning’ ev­ery­one so off their minds that a friend din­ing there, Yousif Al-Jas­sir, kept ask­ing for the bill more than once, think­ing that he had not paid it off al­though he had!

The funny thing about this Kuwaiti hur­ri­cane is that it was so quiet and silent. We rarely heard its ‘voice’ though it stunned ev­ery­body and knocked them off their minds. All the men in the place acted like cy­clone pedestal fans fol­low­ing the hur­ri­cane with their blades (head and eyes) and al­most de­vel­oped her­ni­ated disc symp­toms do­ing so, whereas women kept pray­ing that hur­ri­cane would go past with­out caus­ing any dam­age to or af­fect them. Long live those very nice Kuwaiti hur­ri­canes and may the other dev­as­tat­ing ones strik­ing coun­tries world­wide van­ish for­ever!

— Trans­lated by Kuwait Times

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