The Real Fouz: Alarm­ing in­crease in neg­a­tiv­ity

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Once in a while, we go through ups and downs that ei­ther give us a re­al­ity check or makes us truly ap­pre­ci­ate the things we have in life and what we shouldn’t take for granted. Lately, I’ve been amazed by the alarm­ing in­crease in neg­a­tiv­ity within peo­ple, maybe be­cause I live my life with pub­lic I get to see or ex­pe­ri­ence it more, but it has be­come an is­sue most peo­ple deal with.

Whether or not you live your life pub­licly, I’m sure you re­al­ize how all of a sud­den prob­lems seem to snow­ball or just pile all at once, then again, they all dis­ap­pear. I’m the type of per­son that works bet­ter un­der pres­sure, it’s just how I am. I also like to drown my­self with work when­ever I’m feel­ing down. I find that lately peo­ple’s men­tal­i­ties to­wards ac­cept­ing oth­ers and what they do have be­come more neg­a­tive than pos­i­tive, of course peo­ple who love them­selves and who see the good in oth­ers don’t suf­fer from such a men­tal­ity.

Many peo­ple ask me how I deal with all the neg­a­tive posts and com­ments peo­ple post about me or how I deal with the neg­a­tive side in gen­eral, and my an­swer is al­ways “I don’t”. I don’t deal with it full stop. Dur­ing my 25 years of ex­is­tence, I’ve been through enough of ex­pe­ri­ences, bul­ly­ing, prob­lems and what on that made me love my­self and re­spect my­self. It’s hard to see the good when peo­ple are be­ing neg­a­tive to­wards you, but you know what? Peo­ple do that to you when they want you to stop what­ever it is that you are do­ing well. No one would pay at­ten­tion to you if you’re not do­ing some­thing that is wor­thy. I’ve reach a point in life where I am ca­pa­ble of block­ing peo­ple out of my brain, not nec­es­sar­ily out of my life. When you’re in peace with your­self you will gen­uinely feel sorry and sad to­wards peo­ple who carry around so much hate and shal­low­ness.

Peo­ple who feel the need to con­stantly talk about oth­ers neg­a­tively, bring them down or try to harm them in any sort of way, phys­i­cally/men­tally/emo­tion­ally are not happy peo­ple. They may act like they are, but they’re re­ally not. No one who’s happy and sat­is­fied with their life, job, fam­ily and friends has the time of day to feel any­thing but happy for oth­ers. You don’t need to know peo­ple per­son­ally in or­der to see the good in oth­ers, you can al­ways have your opin­ion about peo­ple but if it was neg­a­tive then you should keep it to your­self un­less you ex­press it ma­turely and re­spect­fully.

We are all hu­man, we all feel, and those emo­tions play a huge role to­wards out char­ac­ter and what we end up feel­ing can ei­ther ruin another hu­man be­ing or en­cour­age another hu­man be­ing to do big­ger and bet­ter things in their life. Peo­ple don’t seem to un­der­stand that some­times peo­ple can be weak, and that one thing you say about them or to them can se­ri­ously cause emo­tional dam­age, some peo­ple can’t deal with any judg­ment at all to a point where it causes them de­pres­sion and they can be an­ti­so­cial, but why do that to any­one? Life is too short! En­joy it, go out, travel with good com­pany, ex­pe­ri­ence life and meet new peo­ple who might give you a whole new prospec­tive about life.

When you gen­uinely love your­self you can love oth­ers, achieve that goal you’ve been think­ing about, make that dream be­come a re­al­ity, and get that job you’ve been wait­ing for. Love your­self, self-worth is es­sen­tial. Be around friends and lovers that want to see you happy, healthy and suc­cess­ful. Give peo­ple a chance to prove them­selves to you, not ev­ery­one is the same. Once you be­come pos­i­tive you at­tract pos­i­tive vibes and pos­i­tives tribes. Aim for love, sta­bil­ity and most im­por­tantly health.

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