Sane’s fil­ters

Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Saad Al-Motesh

On build­ing a new house, those close to the owner start of­fer­ing free ad­vice to help him avoid mis­takes they had made, such as tak­ing care of the qual­ity of elec­tri­cal wiring be­cause of its sig­nif­i­cance to safety. How­ever, the most im­por­tant piece of ad­vice they of­fer is about in­stalling a cen­tral wa­ter fil­ter.

Nev­er­the­less, re­gard­less of the qual­ity of that cen­tral fil­ter, one will still have to in­stall smaller ones in the kitchen or for wa­ter cool­ers to get the purest drink­ing and cook­ing wa­ter and to en­sure the safety of fam­ily mem­bers. There­fore, we see many houses in­stall more than one fil­ter next to each other.

The idea of us­ing mul­ti­lay­ered fil­ters was the same used by for­mer Min­is­ter of Awqaf and Is­lamic Af­fairs Yaaqoub Al-Sane, with a slight dif­fer­ence that he did not use it in his house - it is up to him if he does not even in­stall a sin­gle fil­ter there. Sane used the idea at his min­istry, where he formed four com­mit­tees to de­cide who de­serves to be ap­pointed in lead­ing po­si­tions.

The first com­mit­tee Sane formed is responsible for list­ing can­di­dates who match the con­di­tions set for the po­si­tion. The sec­ond com­mit­tee is responsible for check­ing the first com­mit­tee’s work. The third com­mit­tee in­ter­views can­di­date and fi­nally the fourth com­mit­tee en­dorses the final se­lectees. These four com­mit­tees act as a four-process fil­ter to make sure only the best get through.

Four-layer wa­ter fil­ters at home en­sure that drink­ing wa­ter will be purer than spring wa­ter on top of Ever­est and Ti­bet. Sim­i­larly, Sane’s four fil­ters are the main rea­son be­hind se­vere crit­i­cisms and ac­cu­sa­tions pointed at Sane, ques­tion­ing the com­mit­tees’ de­ci­sions!

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