Arabs’ tears... game over!

Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Yousef Ab­dul­lah Al-Enaizi

Videogames usu­ally end with the phrase ‘Game Over’, then the win­ner is de­clared and the points he earned are tal­lied. The Arab world is cur­rently wit­ness­ing a very se­ri­ous game played by play­ers with dif­fer­ent goals and af­fil­i­a­tions. This dan­ger­ous game is not over yet, the win­ner is not se­lected and the points are still not counted. The sure thing is that Arabs are the big­gest losers in this game be­cause they have not scored any pos­i­tive points and are up to their ears in neg­a­tive ones.

Just like the lev­els in video games, the dan­ger­ous re­gional game has many phases, and we have lost all of them. The cards we played did not work, but un­for­tu­nately, we are still us­ing them. So, when will that magic phrase ‘Game Over’ pop up to stop the shed­ding of Arab blood?!

Arabs have been weep­ing over the past five years and com­plain­ing to the en­tire world - the UN, the Se­cu­rity Coun­cil, the US and Western coun­tries con­cern­ing Iran’s in­ter­fer­ence in Arabs’ do­mes­tic con­cerns, smug­gling weapons and mis­siles into our coun­tries, re­cruit­ing our chil­dren in ter­ror­ist groups founded by the Ira­nian regime and trans­fer­ring bil­lions to par­ties and Arab per­son­al­i­ties who serve Iran’s in­ter­ests.

Here, we have to won­der about what Arab coun­tries did to fight this other than com­plain. Why do we com­plain about Rus­sian air strikes on Syr­ian cities and vil­lages killing civil­ians, women and chil­dren, while at the same time, turn a blind eye and en­cour­age the Arab al­liance air strikes on Ye­meni cities and vil­lages? Are Syr­ian Arabs dif­fer­ent from those in Ye­men? How painful it is to watch TV scenes of Arab women, chil­dren and old men weep­ing and young men look­ing to­wards the un­known af­ter los­ing any hope for a bet­ter fu­ture!

On the other hand, we the see im­ages of a mil­i­tant fully armed with ma­chine­gun and grenades launch mis­siles to­wards peo­ple, killing and in­jur­ing many of them with­out even know­ing why he killed them or why he is fight­ing in the first place. It has been five years and we are still suf­fer­ing from poor plan­ning and fluc­tu­at­ing poli­cies. Our mis­takes are be­com­ing so many that we have lost our al­lies and taken part in de­stroy­ing Syria, for­got about Le­banon, got Iraq torn apart, made the great Libya van­ish and de­stroyed his­toric Ye­men.

Then, and this is the real big ques­tion, has Egypt will­ingly drifted away from the Arab arena or has it been alien­ated? For whose in­ter­ests was Egypt’s voice si­lenced and faded away? Other Arab coun­tries have been also alien­ated - even the GCC’s voice has faded out and the Ye­meni peace talks in Kuwait were foiled, while the Arab League seems to be gone for good. Days, months and years have gone by and we are still wait­ing for that magic phrase to pop up - GAME OVER!

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