Phil Collins casts doubt on moon land­ing

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Phil Collins doesn’t be­lieve the moon land­ings took place. The ‘In the Air Tonight’ singer’s old group Flam­ing Youth based an al­bum, ‘Ark II’ on the his­tor­i­cal 1969 event, but he ad­mits he is skep­ti­cal as to whether Neil Arm­strong re­ally did step on the moon. He said: “They had the pre­miere of our al­bum, ‘Ark II’, at the Plan­e­tar­ium (Lon­don venue), where they played the mu­sic and pro­jected a light show on the ceil­ing. It was all in the air. “We’d al­ready recorded the LP and we spend an evening - the evening - when the Amer­i­cans ap­par­ently went to the moon... “It’s a can of worms and I don’t know if I should open it. But I have a lot of ques­tions about that. “Any­way, we were on the rooftop of their very glam­orous Hamp­stead pe­riod town­house, look­ing up at the moon and watch­ing it on TV. It was a very heady time. “It was ba­si­cally the be­gin­ning of se­ri­ous dis­cus­sions about space travel and that’s what ‘Ark II’ was based on.” The 65-year-old mu­si­cian went from drum­mer to front­man when Peter Gabriel quit Gen­e­sis and the thing he found hard­est was fill­ing the gaps be­tween songs. He re­called to Uncut magazine: “My main worry was what I was go­ing to say to the crowd as the band are tun­ing their 12-string gui­tars be­tween songs. “You can’t let the dead air set­tle, you have to fill it, and that’s what Peter be­came good at. “I used to tell lit­tle sto­ries. Some­times it was ter­ri­bly em­bar­rass­ing. “I con­cocted this story for ‘The Cinema Show’. We were in spain in a bull­ring and for some rea­son I can’t quite fathom, the story in­volved an in­flat­able doll. “There was this guy, try­ing to blow the doll up, and he’s smok­ing and of course he bursts the doll. It was quite funny on paper. “But I’m stand­ing there in this bull ring, telling my story, which is writ­ten on a bit of paper in my hand, in pid­gin Span­ish, try­ing to blow up an in­flat­able doll... It be­came quite clear this story was go­ing to take a good half hour.”

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