GOSLING AND STONE ON 'LA LA LAND' & THEIR MOVIE RO­MANCE og­art and Ba­call. Tracy and Hep­burn. Stone and Gosling. The hugely charm­ing Los Angeles mu­si­cal “La La Land” seals it: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have en­tered the ranks of great cin­e­matic cou­ples. T

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Bfilm was Damien en­cour­aged us to bring our ex­pe­ri­ences to these char­ac­ters.

AP: How do you feel about be­ing a part of proudly big-screen film like “La La Land” at a time when tele­vi­sion is seen as eclips­ing the movies?

STONE: I don’t think films are less than TV now, but there are some amaz­ing char­ac­ters on TV, so I un­der­stand why peo­ple want to do TV. When movies are at their full glory, I think it’s pretty mind-blow­ing. What do you think, Ry?

GOSLING: When I first met with Damien, it wasn’t about this. It was just kind of a gen­eral meet­ing. He has a very in­fec­tious love of movies but also of the ex­pe­ri­ence of go­ing to the movies. He talked a lot about want­ing to make movies that you couldn’t watch on your iPhone, that you re­ally wanted to see in a theater with an au­di­ence.

AP: Your love of movies seems clear, since you’ve pre­vi­ously ac­knowl­edged stuff­ing DVDs down your pants. STONE: You put DVDs down your pants?! GOSLING: (laugh­ing) VHS. Look, in these kinds of sit­u­a­tions, you’re en­cour­aged to say any­thing. And it’s cel­e­brated. And then you pay the price for that later.

STONE: Was it to be closer to your fa­vorite movie?

GOSLING: No. It was one story a long time ago where I had to hide an R-rated movie from my par­ents. It was very in­ti­mate. This is the dan­ger of this kind of thing that you do be­cause it haunts us.

AP: Well, it’s a very vivid ex­am­ple of movie love.

GOSLING: I do love movies but I love mak­ing them more. I’ve never found some­thing pro­fes­sion­ally that en­gages me as much as that. You work with such a large group of peo­ple and it’s this con­stant prob­lem solv­ing process that gets you to this end, what­ever that is. Some­times it works and some­times it doesn’t. It’s al­ways a crap­shoot.

STONE: For me, watch­ing movies is what makes me want to make movies. I’m so in­spired by watch­ing movies. The process of mak­ing it is en­gag­ing but I get so rein­vig­o­rated ev­ery time I see a great movie. Then I feel like I’m the char­ac­ter in the movie for the rest of the day. Then I re­al­ize I can’t play that same char­ac­ter I just watched.

AP: What was the first film that you mim­icked that way?

STONE: “The Jerk.” Also “Hocus Po­cus.” It was a com­bi­na­tion of “The Jerk” and “Hocus Po­cus,” so it shows my age and not my age. (Turns to Gosling) What was yours? GOSLING: “Hocus Po­cus.” — AP

This im­age re­leased by Lionsgate shows Ryan Gosling, left, and Emma Stone in a scene from, “La La Land.” — AP

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