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1. North Amer­i­can repub­lic con­tain­ing 50 states - 48 con­ter­mi­nous states in North Amer­ica plus Alaska in north­west North Amer­ica and the Hawai­ian Is­lands in the Pa­cific Ocean. 4. A drug (trade name Antabuse) used in the

treat­ment of al­co­holism. 12. A light touch or stroke. 15. A frac­tional mon­e­tary unit of Ja­pan and

In­done­sia and Cam­bo­dia. 16. Type genus of the Ser­ranidae. 17. One of the most com­mon of the five ma­jor

classes of im­munoglob­u­lins. 18. Se­vere di­a­betes mel­li­tus with an early

on­set. 20. A bluish shade of green. 21. Equipped with or con­nected by gears or

hav­ing gears en­gaged. 23. A river in north­west­ern Rus­sia flow­ing gen­er­ally west into the Gulf of Fin­land. 24. Jor­dan's port. 26. Sim­i­lar to the color of jade. 27. The fa­ther of your fa­ther or mother. 30. Cov­ered with paving ma­te­rial. 32. The ba­sic unit of money in Iran. 33. An as­so­ci­ate de­gree in nurs­ing. 34. The branch of com­puter science that deal with writ­ing com­puter pro­grams that can solve prob­lems cre­atively. 37. Science and tech­nol­ogy of elec­tronic sys­tems and de­vices for aero­nau­tics and as­tro­nau­tics. 40. A region of north­east­ern France fa­mous for

its wines. 42. Of or re­lat­ing to the stom­ach and in­testines. 43. A white metal­lic ele­ment that burns with a

bril­liant light. 44. God­dess of the dead and queen of the

un­der­world. 46. Used of a sin­gle unit or thing. 47. A legal doc­u­ment cod­i­fy­ing the re­sult of de­lib­er­a­tions of a com­mit­tee or so­ci­ety or leg­isla­tive body. 49. An out­ly­ing farm build­ing for stor­ing grain

or an­i­mal feed and hous­ing farm an­i­mals. 53. God of death. 55. Any of nu­mer­ous peren­nial bul­bous herbs hav­ing lin­ear or broadly lance­o­late leaves and usu­ally a sin­gle showy flower. 57. The vil­lain in Wil­liam Shake­speare's tragedy who tricked Othello into mur­der­ing his wife. 58. Re­lat­ing to or char­ac­ter­is­tic of Arabs. 61. An an­cient Egyp­tian city on the west bank

of the Nile op­po­site Cairo. 62. The 16th let­ter of the He­brew al­pha­bet. 63. On the neg­a­tive side or lower end of a

scale. 65. The im­ma­ture free-liv­ing form of most in­ver­te­brates and am­phib­ians and fish which at hatch­ing from the egg is fun­da­men­tally un­like its par­ent and must meta­mor­phose. 67. Ex­ten­sive landed prop­erty (es­pe­cially in the coun­try) re­tained by the owner for his own use. 69. Af­ter a neg­a­tive state­ment used to in­di­cate that the next state­ment is sim­i­larly neg­a­tive. 73. Sa­cred text of Zoroas­tri­an­ism. 76. A loose sleeve­less outer gar­ment made

from aba cloth. 77. A log­a­rith­mic unit of sound in­ten­sity equal

to 10 deci­bels. 78. (of a nu­clear re­ac­tion) Oc­cur­ring with evo­lu­tion or re­leas­ing of en­ergy. 80. (com­puter science) Mem­ory whose con­tents can be ac­cessed and read but can­not be changed. 81. The part of the ner­vous sys­tem of ver­te­brates that con­trols in­vol­un­tary ac­tions of

the smooth mus­cles and heart and glands. 82. A river in north­east­ern Brazil that flows gen­er­ally north­ward to the At­lantic Ocean. 83. A nu­cleic acid con­sist­ing of large mol­e­cules shaped like a dou­ble helix.


1. An act that ex­ploits or vic­tim­izes some­one. 2. (Ju­daism) The cer­e­mo­nial din­ner on the first

night (or both nights) of Passover. 3. (Norse mythol­ogy) A dwarf who pos­sessed a

trea­sure that was stolen by Loki. 4. A very poi­sonous metal­lic ele­ment that has

three al­lotropic forms. 5. Re­main­ing af­ter all de­duc­tions. 6. A step in walk­ing or run­ning. 7. Any of var­i­ous strong liquors dis­tilled from the fer­mented sap of toddy palms or from fer­mented mo­lasses. 8. When dried yields a hard sub­stance used

e.g. in golf balls. 9. An or­ga­ni­za­tion of in­de­pen­dent states to

pro­mote in­ter­na­tional peace and se­cu­rity. 10. A white crys­talline car­bo­hy­drate used as a

sweet­ener and preser­va­tive. 11. The com­pass point mid­way be­tween east

and south­east. 12. English the­o­ret­i­cal physi­cist who ap­plied rel­a­tiv­ity the­ory to quan­tum me­chan­ics and pre­dicted the ex­is­tence of an­ti­mat­ter and the positron (1902-1984). 13. Ad­vanced in years. 14. A Chadic lan­guage spo­ken in north­ern

Nige­ria. 19. A starch made by leach­ing and dry­ing the

root of the cas­sava plant. 22. A genus of Platalea. 25. Ob­vi­ous and dull. 28. (Ir­ish) Mother of the Tuatha De Danann. 29. Amer­i­can prize­fighter who won the world heavy­weight cham­pi­onship three times (born in 1942). 31. A Bantu lan­guage. 35. Grand­son of Amat­erasu and first ruler of

Ja­pan. 36. One of the evil spir­its of tra­di­tional Jewish

and Chris­tian be­lief. 38. A Ro­man Catholic priest who acts for

an­other higher-rank­ing cler­gy­man. 39. A ges­ture in­volv­ing the shoul­ders. 41. Hun­gar­ian wine made from Tokay grapes. 45. (Sume­rian) God of the air and king of the

Sume­rian gods. 48. A re­straint that con­fines or re­stricts free­dom (es­pe­cially some­thing used to tie down or re­strain a pris­oner). 50. A highly un­sta­ble ra­dioac­tive ele­ment (the

heav­i­est of the halo­gen se­ries). 51. A cut of pork ribs with much of the meat

trimmed off. 52. De­cid­u­ous South African tree hav­ing large odd-pin­nate leaves and pro­fuse fra­grant orange-yel­low flow­ers. 54. True firs. 56. The god who fa­thered the is­lands and gods

of Ja­pan with his sis­ter Izanami. 59. The arch of the foot. 60. Bat­tle in 401 BC when the Per­sian King Ar­tax­erxes II de­feated his younger brother who tried to usurp the throne. 64. A toxic non­metal­lic ele­ment re­lated to sul­fur and tel­lurium. 68. Divis­i­ble by two. 70. Not easy. 71. Very dark black. 72. Avatar of Vishnu. 74. A yearn­ing for some­thing or to do some­thing. 75. A pe­riod marked by dis­tinc­tive char­ac­ter or

reck­oned from a fixed point or event. 79. A state in north­west­ern United States on

the Pa­cific.

You find your­self talk­a­tive and quick-wit­ted, much to the amuse­ment of those lucky enough to be around you. Ideas are clear and easy for you to come by. This could be a good time for think­ing over your fu­ture pro­fes­sional plans. It should be a su­per day for mak­ing fi­nan­cial plans or de­ci­sions or find­ing your way through just about any prob­lem that may present it­self. You feel suc­cess­ful and you are able to con­tend with what­ever comes your way. Good ad­vice and com­pli­ments come from a guide or an older per­son, if you need it. This is a won­der­ful day in gen­eral-and an ex­cep­tional hol­i­day time. If you are alone this evening you might vol­un­teer to help a friend so he or she can get some sleep or rest or just have a change of pace for a few hours.

A look into your deeper, more spir­i­tual na­ture will be avail­able to you at this time-a lit­tle quiet time this morn­ing is good. Al­low­ing your cre­ative side a free rein could be your ticket to new so­lu­tions or in­ven­tions. You show great un­der­stand­ing and aware­ness of the needs of others and you are in a good position to com­mu­ni­cate, lis­ten or make de­ci­sions. You may en­joy a round of golf or some other work­out with a friend or mate af­ter work. Rais­ing your own veg­eta­bles in­ter­ests you and this evening you may de­cide a trip to the li­brary or book­store would help you de­cide on the type of gar­den you would like to work into your sched­ule this next spring. It could be some­thing as sim­ple as large pots that can be worked into the land­scape eas­ily.

A de­mand­ing boss, who has al­ways been very hard to please, pays you a com­pli­ment. Ev­i­dently, you are do­ing some­thing right. You are pleased with the re­sults of your hard work and others are pleased as well. You prom­ise your­self to kick it up a notch for next year in hopes of get­ting a pro­mo­tion or in­crease in salary. This af­ter­noon cir­cum­stances cre­ate a good fo­cus for you to com­plete a dif­fi­cult task. Your more re­served side is dom­i­nant this evening. Vis­it­ing with friends or family is a good thing, and the rush to please turns into sev­eral con­ve­nient op­por­tu­ni­ties for your own needs in the next few days. If you are not the reg­u­lar cook, you may help the main cook tonight with a spe­cialty item. A few flow­ers com­ple­ment the at­mos­phere.

You just seem to have a natural sense for com­mu­ni­cat­ing with others. Clear thoughts about the past may also be flow­ing into your life. You may be plan­ning a big get-to­gether with friends soon. If you have been in a new work­place this year, you may find your­self wrapped up in some hol­i­day plans that are quite dif­fer­ent from your usual ex­pe­ri­ences. Tonight you talk about tra­di­tions you want to cre­ate with a loved one. Other peo­ple and the gen­eral place and time in which you find your­self are very pleas­ant. You may en­joy the com­pany of many peo­ple this evening. You are thank­ful to have so many de­light­ful friends. Your spir­i­tu­al­ity will be­come more pro­nounced and you may be able to ex­press your­self in poetry or in at­ti­tude. Self-ex­pres­sion is ac­com­plished through helping others at this time and you are al­ways happy to help some­one in the work­place or home place, whether they ask, or even if they do not ask. You have some sort of tal­ent that other peo­ple en­joy. Family mem­bers en­cour­age you to de­velop your spe­cial tech­ni­cal, sci­en­tific or spir­i­tual tal­ents and en­cour­age you to try for per­fec­tion. You will be open to beauty and poetry. Your cre­ative spirit is en­hanced at this time, which may man­i­fest as day­dream­ing and drift­ing at­ten­tion from time to time. Any­thing you need this birth­day year, in­clud­ing fi­nan­cial back­ers, will be pulled in for you be­cause of your in­tegrity of pur­pose. The rep­u­ta­tion that en­sues will be yours with lit­tle ef­fort-magic hap­pens. Happy birth­day!

You are very ca­pa­ble at man­ag­ing others and that is what to­day seems to be all about-you are in charge and in high fo­cus. You should find this an ex­cep­tion­ally good time to be with others and to work to­gether. A su­pe­rior may seek you out as just the right per­son for a par­tic­u­lar job. It seems that your skills fit in most ar­eas of the busi­ness world and that makes you a prized pos­ses­sion-con­sider a re­quest for higher pay. Some­one who un­der­stands just how you feel will be there to sup­port you in any un­der­tak­ing. You could find that you are ap­pre­ci­ated for your abil­ity to act quickly and re­spon­si­bly. You may find your­self delv­ing into some new area such as pol­i­tics, meta­physics, fur­ther ed­u­ca­tion, travel

or re­li­gion to name but a few.

This time of year is prob­a­bly one of your fa­vorites. You will find your­self in a position to re­ally en­joy and un­der­stand those around you, whether you are work­ing with peo­ple or you have a house full of guests. Won­der­ful feel­ings and a sense of sup­port and har­mony make this a truly joy­ous time. Cel­e­brate the feel­ings that you have to­day and al­low them to carry forth through­out the com­ing new year, as well. You will find that others are very re­spect­ful of your abil­ity to give ad­vice, be of good cheer and in gen­eral present the type of per­son worth fol­low­ing. You just seem to have a natural sense of what others want and need for now. Clear de­ci­sions af­fect­ing others could be made to­day. This evening, you may spend time writ­ing and ad­dress­ing cards. No grass grows un­der your feet to­day. . . You are out of the door, quick as a flash and ready to get the day over with be­fore you even get to the work­place. Do be wise in your driv­ing and han­dling of sharp in­stru­ments-all kidding aside, just slow your­self a bit. Es­tab­lish­ing a good plan of or­ga­ni­za­tion could be the pri­or­ity for this day. There is the pos­si­bil­ity of some changes in your en­vi­ron­ment and the lo­ca­tion of a so­cial gath­er­ing may change. There is ac­tu­ally the pos­si­bil­ity that you will have sev­eral so­cial in­vi­ta­tions; take the sec­ond one. Your abil­ity to truly un­der­stand and have a han­dle on things of a con­cep­tual and spir­i­tual na­ture cer­tainly will not hurt your pop­u­lar­ity in a

so­cial sit­u­a­tion. Others will ap­pre­ci­ate the time you take to lis­ten.


Capri­corn (De­cem­ber 22-Jan­uary 19)

Aquar­ius (Jan­uary 20- Fe­bru­ary 18)

Sagit­tar­ius (Novem­ber 22-De­cem­ber 21)

Pisces (Fe­bru­ary 19-March 20)

Virgo (Au­gust 23-Septem­ber 22)

Gem­ini (May 21-June 20)

Can­cer (June 21-July 22)

Leo (July 23-Au­gust 22)

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