Aleppo not a Kuwaiti cause

Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Saleh Al-Shayeji

We have never seen so much hate­ful sec­tar­ian di­vi­sions as we have been learn­ing about, hear­ing and see­ing in these dread­ful days. We have never, ei­ther, seen peo­ple so at­tached and cheaply pro­mot­ing for­eign agen­das as we see these days, when some of our own sons be­long­ing to two op­po­site teams are wait­ing to charge at each other, hold­ing their swords to be­head them!

Aleppo is a Syr­ian, re­gional, Arab and in­ter­na­tional cause, but it is def­i­nitely not a Kuwaiti one! Kuwait did not be­come a cause for the peo­ple of Aleppo when it was oc­cu­pied. No group of peo­ple from Aleppo went out on the streets demon­strat­ing, con­demn­ing the oc­cu­pa­tion or call­ing for ji­had to lib­er­ate Kuwait. No groups went out re­joic­ing the oc­cu­pa­tion ei­ther.

We do sym­pa­thize with Aleppo and its peo­ple the same way we do with ev­ery­body liv­ing in the shad­ows of dan­ger. We do pro­vide them with all we can in the form of money, aid, food, medicines, clothes, and, on top of all, sin­cere prayers. This is all we can do for any re­pressed peo­ple world­wide, be they Arabs, Mus­lims or fol­low­ing any other re­li­gion or doc­trine. They are all alike for us.

We are not a ma­jor power or a strik­ing force. We do not have fleets, barges or air­craft car­ri­ers. All our mil­i­tary mu­ni­tions are ex­actly like what a small shed has of cut­ting, saw­ing or ham­mer­ing gear. We should know bet­ter and re­lease the real size of our pow­ers.

So, all those heroic calls and acts made by peo­ple on both sides will bring us noth­ing but catas­tro­phe, and this has to be im­me­di­ately stopped be­fore its fires grow any larger amongst ig­no­rant zeal­ous peo­ple on both sides over a mat­ter they have noth­ing to do with. Why let a group of hired, de­ceived and mis­led peo­ple draw our coun­try into such de­testable zones full of and con­trolled by racial, doc­tri­nal and sec­tar­ian hate and con­flicts?

Why is such tu­mult be­ing cre­ated in Kuwait for a cause of oth­ers? We want the new govern­ment, namely the new in­te­rior min­is­ter, to be more ac­cu­rate, care­ful and swift. We need him to use his whip be­fore his jus­tice be­cause those are pro-tu­mult peo­ple who hold many grudges, by which they wish to in­cin­er­ate the coun­try. Such peo­ple should not be warned. We must take the first move and tie their hands be­fore they rise from their un­der­ground world.

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