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Aries (March 21-April 19)

Some­thing could hap­pen now that will help you un­der­stand that you need to make some im­por­tant changes in your life-for­tu­nately, not all in one day. Per­haps there is a need to break away from some of the old-fash­ioned ideas you are car­ry­ing from your past. You do long to try new projects and stretch your abil­i­ties. Your emo­tional nour­ish­ment comes from your friends, val­ues and public in­volve­ment. Those around you will be ap­pre­cia­tive of your un­der­stand­ing and sen­si­tiv­ity to their needs. This puts you in a win-win po­si­tion to com­mu­ni­cate con­cern­ing groups and so­ci­ety as well. If you find your­self in­vited to a party or fes­tive gath­er­ing of some kind, you may be cu­ri­ous as to know why more week­ends are not this pleas­ant.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Cel­e­brate your tri­umphs and fo­cus your en­ergy on us­ing your in­flu­ence to in­spire growth in your­self and in oth­ers. This is a great time to con­sol­i­date and or­ga­nize your pri­vate af­fairs. If you are work­ing, oth­ers may see you as the per­fect can­di­date to have charge over some project that re­quires a con­ser­va­tive mind. This may not be the most ad­van­ta­geous time to make ca­reer or vo­ca­tional de­ci­sions or to give ra­tio­nal ad­vice to oth­ers. You may pre­fer to be more pri­vate and stay at home with your fam­ily or loved ones. If you do have, or at­tend, a get-to­gether for some end-of-the-year cel­e­bra­tion, it will be with close friends or fam­ily. Look for ways to make an­other per­son’s life eas­ier now, to­ward the end of this year-per­haps a meal for the el­derly.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You may find your­self march­ing to the beat of a dif­fer­ent drum­mer to­day. Am­bi­tious schemes and the pur­suit of suc­cess and sta­tus take on a high pri­or­ity in your life at this time. This could bring into fo­cus the prac­ti­cal, the suc­cess­ful and the prag­matic-what­ever it takes to get you ahead in the end. The meek may in­herit the earth, but the shrewd will col­lect the rent. Want­ing and need­ing to feel good about your­self and the way that you get things done could be in­stru­men­tal in push­ing you into more ac­tiv­i­ties cen­tered on diet, ex­er­cise and or­ga­ni­za­tional habits. Your am­bi­tion will in­crease and you will take a more se­ri­ous ap­proach in tak­ing bet­ter care of your­self. You en­cour­age ev­ery­one in your house­hold to make long- and short-term goals.

Can­cer (June 21-July 22)

You are just where you need to be to­day. Pro­fes­sion­ally, you are pleased with your progress. To­day you work to end or com­plete some per­sonal project be­fore the new bud­get you planned comes into ef­fect. Your fam­ily, chil­dren or the things that you hold near and dear to your heart are of great value to you. Know­ing that you are loved and ap­pre­ci­ated and not taken for granted is the pre­vail­ing feel­ing. You en­joy ad­mi­ra­tion for the things you have ac­com­plished. You, in turn, give that ap­pre­ci­a­tion to those around you. Tak­ing risks can bring big re­wards. You are an en­tre­pre­neur at heart. In or­der for your ef­forts to gain recog­ni­tion, it is es­sen­tial that you al­low your cre­ative and in­tu­itive na­ture to pre­vail. You en­joy life and so do all who fol­low you.

Leo (July 23-Au­gust 22)

A kind of ro­man­tic wist­ful­ness char­ac­ter­izes your ap­proach to life. This could mean the long­ing for a soul mate or a yearn­ing to save the world. This could mean car­ry­ing a torch, as well. As your day un­folds, your good en­ergy stays but your con­cen­tra­tion is more to­ward ac­com­plish­ing the chores set out be­fore you. Higher ed­u­ca­tion, pub­lish­ing, broad­cast­ing or ad­ver­tis­ing is a sub­ject of in­ter­est at the gath­er­ing for lunch. You may be giv­ing some se­ri­ous thought about one or two of these sub­jects. This af­ter­noon your friends find you most gra­cious. You seem to ap­pre­ci­ate in­spir­ing and spir­i­tual ideas and you have the tal­ent for pre­sent­ing them to oth­ers as well. This would be a good time for you and your friends to have a horoscope fore­cast read­ing.

Virgo (Au­gust 23-Septem­ber 22)

Fame, money and hap­pi­ness are all pos­si­ble in your life­time. You will un­doubt­edly leave a last­ing im­age. It re­quires an author­ity or a leader to help you or­ga­nize grand-scale ac­tiv­i­ties and to build cau­tiously for the fu­ture. Your tact, diplo­macy and friend­li­ness add to a pos­i­tive busi­ness ar­range­ment. You are the power be­hind the throne and bring the flies to the honey, so to speak. You are a per­fec­tion­ist and have aris­to­cratic tastes. To­day, a friend asks you for money and you lend it, but not with­out some sort of pa­per that cre­ates an agreed upon process of re­pay­ment. You ex­pect to pay your debts and to have oth­ers live up to agree­ments and ex­pec­ta­tions. The way you han­dle this trans­ac­tion is tact­ful, kind and ap­pre­ci­ated as hon­est.

Libra (Septem­ber 23-Oc­to­ber 22)

Free­dom, as well as any­thing un­usual or dif­fer­ent, is what you value most at this time. You may find a great deal of plea­sure in get­ting away from the rou­tine and do­ing some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent for a change. If you find your­self at home to­day, you may cre­ate some time to veg­e­tate and plan the fu­ture. You will find phone con­ver­sa­tions the or­der of the af­ter­noon and you may want to of­fer some op­tions to your loved ones tonight about en­ter­tain­ment on new year’s eve. You find your­self un­der­stand­ing those around you and per­haps en­joy­ing a spe­cial time with some­one you love this evening. A bi­cy­cle ride or walk af­ter din­ner will give you and a loved one time to com­mu­ni­cate. Get­ting fit and feel­ing well is in the fu­ture for this com­ing year.

Scorpio (Oc­to­ber 23-Novem­ber 21)

Although this is a busy day, you still find time to do some per­sonal cor­re­spon­dence dur­ing the day-per­haps only one or two pieces of mail, but im­por­tant. Be­ing well thought of is im­por­tant to you and you want oth­ers to feel just as im­por­tant so ex­pres­sions of grate­ful­ness are im­por­tant for you to ar­tic­u­late at this time. You might de­cide to con­tinue this ex­pres­sion of ap­pre­ci­a­tion through­out the rest of the week. You en­joy get­ting out-of-doors for a bit of sun­shine to­day. Things that are dear to your heart, as well as loved ones and other peo­ple, are em­pha­sized now. Get­ting things taken care of in an or­derly way and es­tab­lish­ing some sort of an or­ga­nized sys­tem could keep you very busy at this time. Com­mu­ni­ca­tions con­tinue to im­prove.

Sagittarius (Novem­ber 22-De­cem­ber 21)

Big­ger and bet­ter is the theme when it comes to cre­ativ­ity, ro­mance and self-ex­pres­sion. This is a time when tak­ing chances in these ar­eas of your life of­ten pays off be­yond your wildest imag­i­na­tion. This is a splen­did time to plan, read and re­search or just re­lax and en­joy these last few days of the year. Your emo­tions in par­tic­u­lar, or the feel­ings of those around you, could be very clear. Oth­ers should find it easy to un­der­stand how you feel and will be em­pa­thetic to your needs at this time. You could find peo­ple will of­ten ap­pre­ci­ate your abil­ity to take the lead in dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions. One thing that is no­ticed about you is that if you do not know an an­swer, you will search to find it. Young peo­ple bring laugh­ter your way this evening.

Capricorn (De­cem­ber 22-Jan­uary 19)

Want­ing and need­ing to feel in­cluded in group sit­u­a­tions may spur you into ac­com­plish­ing your chores quickly this morn­ing. A project to get you bet­ter or­ga­nized gets your at­ten­tion part of the morn­ing; a sense of am­bi­tion and prac­ti­cal­ity takes hold. You work hard and you en­thu­si­as­ti­cally en­joy your time away from work. A new neigh­bor may have your at­ten­tion part of the day and this may in­clude sim­i­lar likes and fun in­ter­ac­tions with each other. You should have no prob­lem in ap­pre­ci­at­ing and valu­ing your own life sit­u­a­tion at this time. You feel es­pe­cially good­hearted to­wards a friend or loved one this af­ter­noon and may be won­der­fully sur­prised to also find sev­eral ad­di­tional peo­ple want to help you cel­e­brate your spe­cial day.

Aquarius (Jan­uary 20- Fe­bru­ary 18)

Men­tally, you are very per­cep­tive, with sharp ideas and clear thoughts. It should be an ex­cel­lent time to make de­ci­sions and to take care of any men­tal task. Great prac­ti­cal thoughts and ideas will be yours to­day. The abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate with dif­fi­cult peo­ple or the abil­ity to de­scribe what you see is a def­i­nite as­set to­day. It may come as a big sur­prise for you to re­ceive some ex­tra sup­port or recog­ni­tion, per­haps in re­la­tion to your many tal­ents. Some kind of lit­tle boost will def­i­nitely be yours. You should be feel­ing that those around you are in touch and in har­mony with you at this time. You will not want for sup­port, as sup­port will be there for you when you need it. Make some calls for get­ting to­gether with your friends on new year’s eve.

Pisces (Fe­bru­ary 19-March 20)

You could be feel­ing the need to care for other peo­ple or to have them care for you. This could mean you may have overex­tended your en­er­gies this last week and are just now feel­ing the stress. Ex­er­cise and move­ment keeps the en­ergy flow­ing and pos­i­tive. Per­haps a friend would like to join you in a brisk walk. En­joy your own, per­sonal quiet time this af­ter­noon by do­ing a bit of writ­ing on the ac­com­plish­ments of this year and what they have meant to you. Get­ting your mes­sage across to oth­ers is at a high while you are at home but you could be­come pushy-read­just. Your tim­ing, how­ever, should be as good as it can get; those around you should find you most nat­u­ral and vi­brant. Soon it will be

time to cel­e­brate a new year-are you ready?

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