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1. An in­dex of the cost of all goods and ser­vices to a typ­i­cal con­sumer. 4. Small fam­ily of usu­ally trop­i­cal but­ter­flies. 12. A fed­er­ally char­tered sav­ings bank. 15. Im­pe­rial dy­nasty that ruled China (most of the time) from 206 BC to 221 and ex­panded its bound­aries and de­vel­oped its bu­reau­cracy. 16. Used of ide­al­ized coun­try life. 17. (in­for­mal) Of the high­est qual­ity. 18. Re­mote city of Kaza­khstan that (os­ten­si­bly for se­cu­rity rea­sons) was made the cap­i­tal in 1998. 20. A shel­ter with perches for fowl or other birds. 21. A slight amount or de­gree of dif­fer­ence. 22. A noisy mock ser­e­nade (made by bang­ing pans and ket­tles) to a newly mar­ried cou­ple. 24. Trop­i­cal Amer­i­can tree grown in south­ern United States hav­ing a whitish pink-tinged fruit. 26. A Chadic lan­guage spo­ken south of Lake Chad. 27. A state in mid­west­ern United States. 28. Of or like a ce­cum. 30. Ac­cord­ing to the Old Tes­ta­ment he was a pa­gan king of Is­rael and hus­band of Jezebel (9th cen­tury BC). 32. Any place of com­plete bliss and de­light and peace. 35. A tri­cy­cle (usu­ally pro­pelled by ped­alling). 38. A is­land in the Nether­lands An­tilles that is the top of an ex­tinct vol­cano. 40. A loose sleeve­less outer gar­ment made from aba cloth. 43. A met­ric unit of vol­ume equal to one tenth of a liter. 47. An as­so­ci­a­tion of coun­tries in the west­ern hemi­sphere. 48. French cou­turier whose first col­lec­tion in 1947 cre­ated a style (tight bodice and nar­row waist and flow­ing pleated skirt) that be­came known as the New Look (1905-1957). 50. Re­lat­ing to or ac­com­pa­ny­ing birth. 53. An an­cient king­dom in north­ern Me­sopotamia which is in present-day Iraq. 56. Bearded red­dish sheep of south­ern Asia. 58. An hon­orary de­gree in sci­ence. 59. (Ir­ish) God of love and beauty. 60. A pro­por­tion mul­ti­plied by 100. 61. Dragon­flies and dam­sel­flies. 68. A river in north cen­tral Switzer­land that runs north­east into the Rhine. 69. A preacher of the Chris­tian gospel. 72. Ti­tle for a civil or mil­i­tary leader (es­pe­cially in Turkey). 73. The com­pass point that is one point east of due south. 74. A drug (trade name Antabuse) used in the treat­ment of al­co­holism. 75. One of the five ma­jor classes of im­munoglob­u­lins. 76. An ad­her­ent of any branch of Tao­ism. 77. The spa­tial prop­erty re­sult­ing from a rel­a­tively small dis­tance. 78. The com­pass point mid­way be­tween south and south­east.


1. A deep open­ing in the earth's sur­face. 2. A civil or mil­i­tary author­ity in Turkey or Egypt. 3. The Pales­tinian up­ris­ing (be­gin­ning in 1987) against the Is­raeli oc­cu­pa­tion of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 4. (Ir­ish) Mother of the Tuatha De Danann. 5. Brazil­ian tree with hand­somely marked wood. 6. A state in south­east­ern United States. 7. A river in north cen­tral Switzer­land that runs north­east into the Rhine. 8. An ar­ti­fi­cial lan­guage that is a re­vi­sion and sim­pli­fi­ca­tion of Esperanto. 9. A genus of the fam­ily Droser­aceae. 10. An as­so­ciate de­gree in ap­plied sci­ence. 11. Pro­voke some­one to do some­thing through prom­ises or per­sua­sion. 12. Bring­ing death. 13. A fraud­u­lent busi­ness scheme. 14. English monk and scholar (672-735). 19. A genus of In­dri­idae. 23. (Akka­dian) God of wis­dom. 25. East In­dian tart yel­low berry­like fruit. 29. A doc­tor's de­gree in ed­u­ca­tion. 31. Harsh or cor­ro­sive in tone. 33. On a ship, train, plane or other ve­hi­cle. 34. A state in mid­west­ern United States. 36. The prin­ci­pal evil jinni in Is­lamic mythol­ogy. 37. A gap­ing gri­mace. 39. Highly ex­cited. 41. (Ir­ish) Mother of the an­cient Ir­ish gods. 42. A doc­tor's de­gree in re­li­gion. 44. Of or re­lat­ing to the for­mer In­doEuro­pean peo­ple. 45. Moth whose lar­vae are flour moths. 46. The sense or­gan for hear­ing and equi­lib­rium. 49. A mouth or mouth­like open­ing. 51. With­out a lip or lips. 52. Of or be­ing the low­est fe­male voice. 54. 40th Pres­i­dent of the United States (1911- ). 55. Ut­ter monotonously and repet­i­tively and rhyth­mi­cally. 57. Is­lands in the At­lantic Ocean be­long­ing to Por­tu­gal. 62. A Chadic lan­guage spo­ken south of Lake Chad. 63. Choco­late cookie with white cream fill­ing. 64. Hav­ing a color sim­i­lar to that of a clear un­clouded sky. 65. A plat­form raised above the sur­round­ing level to give promi­nence to the per­son on it. 66. Oval re­pro­duc­tive body of a fowl (es­pe­cially a hen) used as food. 67. In­for­mal terms for a (young) woman. 70. (in golf) The stan­dard num­ber of strokes set for each hole on a golf course, or for the en­tire course. 71. The com­pass point that is one point north of due east.

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