Power, money and ig­no­rance

Kuwait Times - - LOCAL - By Dr Mo­ham­mad Al-Duwai­hees

The tri­an­gle of au­thor­ity, money and ig­no­rance, is what some de­vel­op­ing coun­tries are suf­fer­ing from in the mod­ern era. You find the peo­ple of th­ese coun­tries, go­ing through wars, and many rev­o­lu­tions in or­der to gain their free­dom and be in­de­pen­dent from colo­nial pow­ers, then af­ter mat­ters set­tle down, those peo­ple who are sup­pressed hand over the power to rev­o­lu­tion lead­ers.

Power, money and ig­no­rance are all in the hand of the new au­thor­ity lead­ers, so the back­ward­ness of the coun­tries in­crease be­cause the new lead­er­ship have taken the same path of the pre­vi­ous regime and the au­thor­ity meth­ods, such as lav­ish spend­ing. Mean­while, the op­por­tunists among thieves would reach de­ci­sion mak­ing po­si­tions, while thefts and po­lit­i­cal crimes are put un­der­cover by the au­thor­ity’s me­dia and its ad­vi­sors, or through brib­ing some ed­i­tors-inchief in pa­pers, ra­dios and tele­vi­sions.

Funds dis­ap­pear and leak­age from the state trea­sury in­creases due to the in­creased num­ber of thieves in lead­er­ship posts, so the lead­er­ship of those coun­tries be­gin pun­ish­ing small thieves and put their pic­tures on its cor­rupt me­dia. Mean­while, the lead­er­ship ap­point­ing big thieves, the ig­no­rant and stupid in sen­si­tive ar­eas.

So, the new for­mula has be­come: Stupid au­thor­ity, stolen money, ig­no­rant lead­er­ships, cor­rupted me­dia, poor and strug­gling peo­ple. So, were peo­ple want­ing to be free from col­o­niza­tion, ea­ger to see with their own eyes the new for­mula and its re­sults? Peo­ple’s fu­tur­is­tic view now goes like the Kuwaiti proverb: “Keep your bad so you do not get worse than him.”

Each rev­o­lu­tion in third world coun­tries rep­re­sents a hu­man­i­tar­ian catas­tro­phe and an in­ter­na­tional worry for more frag­men­ta­tion, poverty and means to hin­der eco­nomic, so­cial and hu­man de­vel­op­ment in those coun­tries.

Each rev­o­lu­tion in third world coun­tries rep­re­sents a hu­man­i­tar­ian catas­tro­phe

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