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1. A benev­o­lent as­pect of Devi. 4. Dance and make rhyth­mic click­ing sounds by means of metal plates nailed to the sole of the dance shoes. 12. A light touch or stroke. 15. A shape that sags. 16. Anise trees. 17. A loose sleeve­less outer gar­ment made from

aba cloth. 18. Un­usual or strik­ing. 20. A hinged ver­ti­cal air­foil mounted at the tail of an air­craft and used to make hor­i­zon­tal course changes. 22. Ra­dioac­tive io­dine test that mea­sures the amount of ra­dioac­tive io­dine taken up by the thy­roid gland. 23. Me­dieval ar­tillery used dur­ing sieges. 25. Ex­hibit­ing or re­stored to vig­or­ous good

health. 26. A mem­ber of the Nahu­atl peo­ple who estab­lished an em­pire in Mex­ico that was over­thrown by Cortes in 1519. 28. Type genus of the Nep­i­dae. 30. Can­dle­wood of Mex­ico and south­west­ern Cal­i­for­nia hav­ing tall colum­nar stems and bear­ing honey-scented creamy yel­low flow­ers. 33. A fig­ure of a per­son made of packed snow. 37. (Greek mythol­ogy) One of the moun­tain

nymphs. 38. Of or re­lated to the am­nion or char­ac­ter­ized

by de­vel­op­ing an am­nion. 41. Prim­i­tive chloro­phyll-con­tain­ing mainly aquatic eu­kary­otic or­gan­isms lack­ing true stems and roots and leaves. 42. Any spher­i­cal or nearly spher­i­cal bac­te­ria. 43. Sup­port col­umn con­sist­ing of a steel cylin­der

filled with con­crete. 44. One of the five ma­jor classes of im­munoglob­u­lins. 45. Used of a sin­gle unit or thing. 46. A highly un­sta­ble ra­dioac­tive ele­ment (the

heav­i­est of the halo­gen se­ries). 48. An ac­coun­tant cer­ti­fied by the state. 51. A tri­cy­cle (usu­ally pro­pelled by pedalling). 53. A per­son who makes a grant in le­gal form. 55. Chief port of Ye­men. 58. Res­pi­ra­tory dis­or­der char­ac­ter­ized by wheez­ing. 60. (Akka­dian) Mother of the gods and con­sort of

Apsu. 64. The ba­sic mon­e­tary unit in many coun­tries. 67. (Ital­ian cook­ery) Squid pre­pared as food. 69. Greek mythol­ogy. 72. Not fake or coun­ter­feit. 73. (pre­fix) Bad or er­ro­neous or lack of. 74. The ninth month of the Moslem cal­en­dar. 76. A man who is the lover of a girl or young

woman. 77. A sweet­ened bev­er­age of di­luted fruit juice. 78. A flammable gas ob­tained by crack­ing petro

leum. 79. Stud­ies in­tended to pro­vide gen­eral knowl­edge and in­tel­lec­tual skills (rather than oc­cu­pa­tional or pro­fes­sional skills).


1. A for­mer com­mu­nist coun­try in eastern Europe

and north­ern Asia. 2. Type genus of the Ma­ji­dae. 3. God of fire. 4. God of war and sky. 5. Give out. 6. Of or re­lat­ing to or re­sem­bling the phys­i­cal or or­bital char­ac­ter­is­tics of a planet or the plan­ets. 7. English the­o­ret­i­cal physi­cist who ap­plied rel­a­tiv­ity theory to quan­tum me­chan­ics and pre­dicted the ex­is­tence of an­ti­mat­ter and the positron (1902-1984). 8. A ra­dioac­tive ele­ment of the ac­tinide se­ries. 9. A hard mal­leable duc­tile sil­very metal­lic ele­ment that is re­sis­tant to cor­ro­sion. 10. The metal or pa­per medium of ex­change that

is presently used. 11. Any of var­i­ous sys­tems of units for mea­sur­ing

elec­tric­ity and mag­netism. 12. An in­for­mal term for a fa­ther. 13. Nor­we­gian math­e­ma­ti­cian (1802-1829). 14. De­nuded of leaves. 19. Hard green­ish-brown wood of the lignum vi­tae tree and other trees of the genus Gua­iacum. 21. An In­dian tree of the fam­ily Com­bre­taceae

that is a source of tim­ber and gum. 24. Fod­der har­vested while green and kept suc

cu­lent by par­tial fer­men­ta­tion as in a silo. 27. A belt-shaped re­gion in the heav­ens on ei­ther

side to the eclip­tic. 29. A ra­dioac­tive metal­lic ele­ment that is sim­i­lar

to tel­lurium and bis­muth. 31. (of linens or clothes) Smoothed with a hot

iron. 32. Pull back or move away or back­ward. 34. A mas­ter's de­gree in lit­er­a­ture. 35. (in­for­mal Bri­tish us­age) Ag­gra­va­tion or

ag­gres­sion. 36. A per­son who gives a name or names. 39. (Bri­tish) A wa­ter­proof rain­coat made of rub­ber­ized fab­ric. 40. The branch of in­for­ma­tion sci­ence that deals

with nat­u­ral lan­guage in­for­ma­tion. 47. Con­sid­er­a­tion in deal­ing with oth­ers and

avoid­ing giv­ing of­fence. 49. A dark re­gion of con­sid­er­able ex­tent on the

sur­face of the moon. 50. Any ameba of the genus En­damoeba. 52. Com­pla­cently or inanely fool­ish. 54. A small hor­i­zon­tal rope be­tween the shrouds

of a sail­ing ship. 56. Be­fore noon. 57. The face or front of a build­ing. 59. A long steep slope or cliff at the edge of a

plateau or ridge. 61. An of­fi­cial who car­ries a mace of of­fice. 62. A Bud­dhist who has at­tained nir­vana. 63. Em­peror of Rome. 65. A sud­den short at­tack. 66. A domed or vaulted re­cess or pro­jec­tion on a

build­ing es­pe­cially the east end of a church. 68. A Kwa lan­guage spo­ken in Ghana and the

Ivory Coast. 70. The United Na­tions agency con­cerned with

in­ter­na­tional mar­itime ac­tiv­i­ties. 71. A re­proach for some lapse or mis­deed. 75. A col­or­less and odor­less in­ert gas.

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