The se­cret in per­sis­tence

Kuwait Times - - LOCAL - By Dr Khalid Al-Saleh

There is a good say­ing by Sheikh Ali Al-Tantawi in which he em­pha­sizes the im­por­tance of fight­ing fitna (strife), and not to de­spair from re­form. He said, “if you see your house on fire you will rush to put out the blaze and will call for help from any­one you see. You won’t stop un­til the blaze is un­der con­trol, or goes out com­pletely. The se­cret in that per­sis­tence is that what is burn­ing is your house, and no mat­ter how strong the fire is and seems hard to ex­tin­guish, it will still not keep you from fight­ing it, as you do not have any other choice.”

We, the Gulf peo­ple, need to un­der­stand this ad­vice very well, prac­tice it, and also de­liver it to our lead­ers. If any side is wrong, it is sup­posed to first dis­cuss the mis­takes at the Gulf Co­op­er­a­tion Coun­cil (GCC), and ac­cu­sa­tions should be heard as well as an­swers to them. Then the Gulf judges, I re­peat the Gulf judges, should look into the case and sub­mit their re­ports to the coun­cil’s lead­ers who in turn will re­veal the re­sults to their peo­ple.

To­day, there are those who work to widen the strife and feed the fire with wood from all sides. Also, there is a ma­nip­u­la­tion with the Gulf peo­ple’s fate, dreams and hopes, and it does not seem that there are those who lis­ten or care. It is ok, for Gulf na­tion­als who dream of unity to scream and never stop, as ei­ther Al­lah will guide ev­ery­one to re­move the dif­fer­ences, or we con­tinue scream­ing un­til the blaze of the strife burn us all un­til we be­come un­able to scream or cry any­more.

We, the Gulf peo­ple, need to un­der­stand this ad­vice very well

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