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1. A one-piece cloak worn by men in an­cient Rome. 5. An an­cient jar with two han­dles and a nar­row neck. 12. Slen­der bristle­like ap­pendage found on the bracts of grasses. 15. (Ro­man mythol­ogy) God of love. 16. Raised muf­fin cooked on a grid­dle. 17. The start­ing place for each hole on a golf course. 18. A sales­man who trav­els to call on cus­tomers. 20. A shel­ter with perches for fowl or other birds. 21. The bill in a restau­rant. 22. Draw in by breath­ing. 23. A mute for a vi­olin. 25. An in­for­mal term for a fa­ther. 28. English scholas­tic philoso­pher and as­sumed au­thor of Oc­cam's Ra­zor (12851349). 31. (bi­ol­ogy) A tax­o­nomic cat­e­gory be­low a class and above an or­der. 34. The cry made by sheep. 35. An­nual grass of Europe and North Africa. 37. Be­fore noon. 38. (as­tron­omy) A mea­sure of time de­fined by Earth's or­bital mo­tion. 39. (chem­istry) P(oten­tial of) H(ydro­gen). 40. A trans­par­ent op­ti­cal de­vice used to con­verge or di­verge trans­mit­ted light and to form im­ages. 42. Sur­re­al­ist Span­ish painter (1904-1989). 44. Some­one who copies the words or be­hav­ior of an­other. 46. Re­lat­ing to or de­mon­strat­ing acap­nia. 48. A rounded thickly curled hairdo. 51. Flower ar­range­ment con­sist­ing of a cir­cu­lar band of fo­liage or flow­ers for or­na­men­tal pur­poses. 52. (Ju­daism) A shawl with a rit­u­ally knotted fringe at each cor­ner. 53. Seizure of a ve­hi­cle in tran­sit ei­ther to rob it or di­vert it to an al­ter­nate des­ti­na­tion. 55. An­gu­lar dis­tance above the hori­zon (es­pe­cially of a ce­les­tial ob­ject). 56. A soft white pre­cious uni­va­lent metal­lic el­e­ment hav­ing the high­est elec­tri­cal and ther­mal con­duc­tiv­ity of any metal. 58. A sil­very soft waxy metal­lic el­e­ment of the al­kali metal group. 59. A dull per­sis­tent (usu­ally mod­er­ately in­tense) pain. 64. A loose sleeve­less outer gar­ment made from aba cloth. 66. Large genus of Old World mints. 68. Yel­low-fever mos­qui­tos. 71. Plant with an elon­gated head of broad stalked leaves re­sem­bling cel­ery. 73. (botany) Of or re­lat­ing to the axil. 75. An of­fi­cial pros­e­cu­tor for a ju­di­cial dis­trict. 76. (Greek mythol­ogy) Greek god of war. 77. Type genus of the Cari­ami­dae com­pris­ing only the crested cariama. 80. Fas­tener con­sist­ing of a resinous com­po­si­tion that is plas­tic when warm. 81. A fes­ti­val fea­tur­ing African-Amer­i­can cul­ture. 82. East In­dian tree bear­ing a pro­fu­sion of in­tense ver­mil­ion vel­vet-tex­tured blooms and yield­ing a yel­low dye.


1. A sock with a sep­a­ra­tion for the big toe. 2. A strate­gi­cally lo­cated monar­chy on the south­ern and eastern coasts of the Ara­bian Penin­sula. 3. Dutch postim­pres­sion­ist painter noted for his use of color (1853-1890). 4. A large fleet. 5. (of com­plex­ion) Blem­ished by im­per­fec­tions of the skin. 6. A form of ad­dress for a man. 7. Free of ex­tra­ne­ous el­e­ments of any kind. 8. Group in­sur­ance that en­ti­tles mem­bers to ser­vices of par­tic­i­pat­ing hos­pi­tals and clin­ics and physi­cians. 9. Small furry Aus­tralian ar­bo­real mar­su­pi­als hav­ing long usu­ally pre­hen­sile tails. 10. Un­dergo re­sorp­tion. 11. Di­rect to­ward it­self or one­self. 12. King of the Huns. 13. De­prive (in­fants) of mother's milk. 14. (Baby­lo­nian) God of wis­dom and agri­cul­ture and pa­tron of scribes and schools. 19. The mis­sion in San An­to­nio where in 1836 Mex­i­can forces un­der Santa Anna be­sieged and mas­sa­cred Amer­i­can rebels who were fight­ing to make Texas in­de­pen­dent of Mex­ico. 24. A low tri­an­gu­lar area where a river di­vides be­fore en­ter­ing a larger body of wa­ter. 26. Cause to be at­tached. 27. (Old Tes­ta­ment) The first of the ma­jor He­brew prophets (8th cen­tury BC). 29. Of or like a ce­cum. 30. (as­tron­omy) An in­dis­tinct sur­face fea­ture of Mars once thought to be a sys­tem of chan­nels. 32. A for­mal spo­ken com­mu­ni­ca­tion de­liv­ered to an au­di­ence. 33. Any of nu­mer­ous Old World birds hav­ing a strong hooked bill that feed on smaller an­i­mals. 36. A nearly hor­i­zon­tal pas­sage from the sur­face into a mine. 41. A sin­gle splash. 43. A fully dif­fer­en­ti­ated struc­tural and func­tional unit in an an­i­mal that is spe­cial­ized for some par­tic­u­lar func­tion. 45. Free from dis­tur­bance. 47. The time af­ter sun­set and be­fore sun­rise while it is dark out­side. 49. The tem­po­ral end. 50. A mid­west­ern state in north cen­tral United States in the Great Lakes re­gion. 54. A small out­build­ing with a bench hav­ing holes through which a user can defe­cate. 57. A winged of­ten one-seed in­de­his­cent fruit as of the ash or elm or maple. 60. Greek mythol­ogy. 61. A rule made by a lo­cal author­ity to reg­u­late its own af­fairs. 62. A chisel of tem­pered steel with a sharp point. 63. The cap­i­tal and largest city of Ye­men. 65. Denuded of leaves. 67. One who works hard at bor­ing tasks. 69. Trop­i­cal starchy tuber­ous root. 70. A branch of the Tai lan­guages. 72. The sign lan­guage used in the United States. 74. A benev­o­lent as­pect of Devi. 78. The az­imuth of a ce­les­tial body is the an­gle be­tween the ver­ti­cal plane con­tain­ing it and the plane of the merid­ian. 79. A pub­lic pro­mo­tion of some prod­uct or ser­vice.

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