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1. Elec­tronic war­fare un­der­taken un­der di­rect con­trol of an op­er­a­tional com­man­der to lo­cate sources of ra­di­ated elec­tro­mag­netic en­ergy for the pur­pose of im­me­di­ate threat recog­ni­tion. 4. Some­one who lives in the same camp you do. 12. A doc­tor's de­gree in den­tal surgery. 15. Air­craft land­ing in bad weather in which the pilot is talked down by ground con­trol us­ing pre­ci­sion ap­proach radar. 16. Semi-par­a­sitic herb with pur­ple or white or pink flow­ers. 17. A re­proach for some lapse or mis­deed. 18. A hu­mor­ous anec­dote or re­mark. 19. An au­thor­i­ta­tive com­mand or re­quest. 20. Small ter­res­trial lizard of warm re­gions of the Old World. 22. Saber-toothed tigers. 24. Re­move a bar from (a door, for ex­am­ple). 25. An emo­tional re­sponse that has been ac­quired by con­di­tion­ing. 26. A nar­row gorge with a stream run­ning through it. 28. A river in north cen­tral Switzer­land that runs north­east into the Rhine. 29. The unit of frequency. 32. Worker in a rail­way yard. 40. In a nim­ble or ag­ile man­ner. 41. A doc­tor's de­gree in re­li­gion. 42. Lack­ing in rigor or strict­ness. 43. A triva­lent metal­lic el­e­ment of the rare earth group. 44. A sil­very duc­tile metal­lic el­e­ment found pri­mar­ily in baux­ite. 46. A city in south­ern Turkey on the Sey­han River. 48. Not hav­ing or re­ceiv­ing news or in­for­ma­tion. 52. Serv­ing as an es­sen­tial com­po­nent. 53. As­sist or en­cour­age, usu­ally in some wrong­do­ing. 54. Young of do­mes­tic cat­tle. 57. A flat float (usu­ally made of logs or planks) that can be used for trans­port or as a plat­form for swim­mers. 58. The ba­sic unit of money on Sao Tome e Principe. 61. A di­alect of Chi­nese spo­ken in south­east­ern China. 64. In for­mer clas­si­fi­ca­tions a ma­jor di­vi­sion of Mam­malia com­pris­ing all hoofed mam­mals. 67. From 40 mil­lion to 58 mil­lion years ago. 71. The cap­i­tal of Na­tion­al­ist China. 72. Aus­tralian op­er­atic so­prano (18611931). 75. Time for Earth to make a com­plete ro­ta­tion on its axis. 76. The act of us­ing. 77. Char­ac­ter­ized by light­ness and in­sub­stan­tial­ity. 79. A loose sleeve­less outer gar­ment made from aba cloth. 80. The state of mat­ter dis­tin­guished from the solid and liq­uid states by. 81. A river in north­east­ern Brazil that flows gen­er­ally north­ward to the At­lantic Ocean. 82. Type genus of the Muri­dae.


1. Oval re­pro­duc­tive body of a fowl (es­pe­cially a hen) used as food. 2. A fraud­u­lent busi­ness scheme. 3. Pos­sess­ing or us­ing or char­ac­ter­is­tic of or ap­pro­pri­ate to su­per­nat­u­ral pow­ers. 4. A heavy wooden pole (such as the trunk of a young fir) tossed as a test of strength (in the High­lands of Scot­land). 5. Ad­vanced in years. 6. Wood of any of var­i­ous ma­hogany trees. 7. An en­closed space in which the air pres­sure is higher than out­side. 8. (pre­fix) Bad or er­ro­neous or lack of. 9. Lu­di­crously odd. 10. A light strong gray lus­trous cor­ro­sion­re­sis­tant metal­lic el­e­ment used in strong light-weight al­loys (as for air­plane parts). 11. (Old Tes­ta­ment) The el­dest son of Isaac who would have in­her­ited the Covenant that God made with Abra­ham and that Abra­ham passed on to Isaac. 12. Any of nu­mer­ous low-grow­ing cush­ion-form­ing plants of the genus Draba hav­ing rosette-form­ing leaves and ter­mi­nal racemes of small flow­ers with scapose or leafy stems. 13. Any of var­i­ous hard resins from trees of the fam­ily Dipte­ro­carpaceae and of the genus Agathis. 14. Thin and fit. 21. Some­thing twisted and tight and swollen. 23. United States ten­nis player (born in Cze­choslo­vakia) who won sev­eral sin­gles cham­pi­onships. 27. A hemo­pro­tein com­posed of globin and heme that gives red blood cells their char­ac­ter­is­tic color. 30. The cap­i­tal of Croa­tia. 31. A city in the Sax­ony re­gion of Ger­many on the Saale River. 33. A state in New Eng­land. 34. The food served and eaten at one time. 35. Liq­uid con­tain­ing pro­teins and elec­trolytes in­clud­ing the liq­uid in blood plasma and in­ter­sti­tial fluid. 36. The sixth month of the civil year. 37. Trop­i­cal Amer­i­can tree grown in south­ern United States hav­ing a whitish pink-tinged fruit. 38. Valu­able fiber plant of East Indies now wide­spread in cul­ti­va­tion. 39. Praise, glo­rify, or honor. 45. North Amer­i­can repub­lic con­tain­ing 50 states - 48 con­ter­mi­nous states in North Amer­ica plus Alaska in north­west North Amer­ica and the Hawai­ian Is­lands in the Pa­cific Ocean. 47. English the­o­ret­i­cal physi­cist who ap­plied rel­a­tiv­ity the­ory to quan­tum me­chan­ics and pre­dicted the ex­is­tence of an­ti­mat­ter and the positron (1902-1984). 49. A shoe with a wedge heel. 50. An ar­chaic drink­ing ves­sel. 51. Sing­ing jazz. 55. A go­nadotropic hor­mone that is se­creted by the an­te­rior pi­tu­itary. 56. The syl­la­ble nam­ing the fourth (sub­dom­i­nant) note of the di­a­tonic scale in solmiza­tion. 59. A short high tone pro­duced as a sig­nal or warn­ing. 60. An In­dian side dish of yo­gurt and chopped cu­cum­bers and spices. 62. Cubes of meat mar­i­nated and cooked on a skewer usu­ally with veg­eta­bles. 63. Slug­gish tail­less Aus­tralian ar­bo­real mar­su­pial with gray furry ears and coat. 65. An in­de­pen­dent agency of the United States gov­ern­ment re­spon­si­ble for avi­a­tion and space­flight. 66. A primeval per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of air and breath. 68. Mild yel­low Dutch cheese made in balls. 69. (Baby­lo­nian) God of wis­dom and agri­cul­ture and pa­tron of scribes and schools. 70. An un­fledged or nestling hawk. 73. A pe­riod marked by dis­tinc­tive char­ac­ter or reck­oned from a fixed point or event. 74. Flower ar­range­ment con­sist­ing of a cir­cu­lar band of fo­liage or flow­ers for or­na­men­tal pur­poses. 78. A pe­riod of time equal to 1/24th of a day.

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