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1. Pre­serve of crushed fruit. 4. Low stin­g­less net­tle of Cen­tral and South Amer­ica hav­ing vel­vety brown­ish­green toothed leaves and clus­ters of small green flow­ers. 12. A syn­drome that oc­curs in many women from 2 to 14 days be­fore the on­set of men­stru­a­tion. 15. A dark-skinned mem­ber of a race of peo­ple liv­ing in Aus­tralia when Euro­peans ar­rived. 16. The quan­tity con­tained in a crate. 17. Any of var­i­ous long-tailed ro­dents sim­i­lar to but larger than a mouse. 18. El­e­vated open grass­land in south­ern Africa. 20. Preda­tory black-and-white toothed whale with large dor­sal fin. 22. On or to­ward the lee. 25. Ac­cord­ing to the Old Tes­ta­ment he was a pa­gan king of Is­rael and hus­band of Jezebel (9th cen­tury BC). 26. Any of sev­eral short-billed Old World rails. 30. Earnest or ur­gent re­quest. 33. For­merly a gold coin of var­i­ous Euro­pean coun­tries. 36. A non­s­teroidal anti-in­flam­ma­tory drug (trade name Cli­no­ril). 39. A Rus­sian soup usu­ally con­tain­ing beet juice as a foun­da­tion. 41. A hor­i­zon­tal beam that ex­tends across some­thing. 42. A mem­ber of a Fin­nish peo­ple liv­ing in the north­west­ern Urals in Rus­sia. 44. A state­ment that de­vi­ates from or per­verts the truth. 45. The con­di­tion of be­ing hon­ored (es­teemed or re­spected or well re­garded). 47. Minute float­ing marine tu­ni­cate hav­ing a trans­par­ent body with an open­ing at each end. 50. Euro­pean strong-scented peren­nial herb with gray-green bit­ter-tast­ing leaves. 51. Hav­ing ac­cu­mu­lated or be­come more in­tense. 53. (Akka­dian) God rul­ing with his con­sort Ereshki­gal the world of the dead. 57. A re­gion in south­east­ern Italy on the Adri­atic. 59. The ba­sic unit of money in Fin­land. 63. North Amer­i­can repub­lic con­tain­ing 50 states - 48 con­ter­mi­nous states in North Amer­ica plus Alaska in north­west North Amer­ica and the Hawai­ian Is­lands in the Pa­cific Ocean. 67. An al­loy of cop­per and zinc (and some­times arsenic) used to im­i­tate gold in cheap jew­elry and for gild­ing. 70. A mas­ter's de­gree in busi­ness. 71. Fleshy and usu­ally brightly col­ored cover of some seeds that de­vel­ops from the ovule stalk and par­tially or en­tirely en­velopes the seed. 72. A com­mon com­plex min­eral con­sist­ing of cal­cium flu­o­ride phos­phate or cal­cium chlo­ride phos­phate. 74. A de­cree that pro­hibits some­thing. 75. Not widely known. 76. A ma­chine that in­serts sta­ples into sheets of pa­per in or­der to fas­ten them to­gether. 77. A loose sleeve­less outer gar­ment made from aba cloth.


1. An is­land in Indonesia south of Bor­neo. 2. Nor­we­gian math­e­ma­ti­cian (18021829). 3. The molec­u­lar weight of a sub­stance ex­pressed in grams. 4. A pro­por­tion mul­ti­plied by 100. 5. A col­or­less and odor­less in­ert gas. 6. A sil­very soft waxy metal­lic el­e­ment of the al­kali metal group. 7. Eaten as mush or as a thin gruel. 8. Be­ing noth­ing more than spec­i­fied. 9. A United Na­tions agency that in­vest di­rectly in com­pa­nies and guar­an­tees loans to pri­vate in­vestors. 10. Wild llama. 11. A sil­very duc­tile metal­lic el­e­ment found pri­mar­ily in baux­ite. 12. Cap­i­tal and largest city of the Czech Repub­lic. 13. Type genus of the Ma­ji­dae. 14. A thrust­ing blow with a knife. 19. Be false to. 21. A large num­ber or amount. 23. With no ef­fort to con­ceal. 24. (in­for­mal) Be­ing sat­is­fac­tory or in sat­is­fac­tory con­di­tion. 27. (the fem­i­nine of raja) A Hindu princess or the wife of a raja. 28. A spe­cial an­niver­sary. 29. An agenda of things to do. 31. Carry out or par­tic­i­pate in an ac­tiv­ity. 32. A skilled worker who coats ar­ti­cles with a film of metal (usu­ally sil­ver or gold). 34. A per­cus­sion in­stru­ment con­sist­ing of ver­ti­cal metal tubes of dif­fer­ent lengths that are struck with a ham­mer. 35. The func­tion or po­si­tion prop­erly or cus­tom­ar­ily oc­cu­pied or served by an­other. 37. A state in north­west­ern North Amer­ica. 38. Ra­tio of the ad­ja­cent side to the hy­potenuse. 40. Group of peo­ple re­lated by blood or mar­riage. 43. Genus of sticky herbs with yel­low flow­ers open in morn­ing or evening but closed in bright light. 46. A group of is­land in east­ern Indonesia be­tween Celebes and New Guinea. 48. Spread or dif­fuse through. 49. Ac­quire or gain knowl­edge or skills. 52. A met­tle­some or fiery horse. 54. Make false by mu­ti­la­tion or ad­di­tion. 55. The cap­i­tal of Western Samoa. 56. A com­plete met­ric sys­tem of units of mea­sure­ment for sci­en­tists. 58. A white soft metal­lic el­e­ment that tar­nishes read­ily. 60. A Bantu lan­guage spo­ken by the Kamba peo­ple in Kenya. 61. Cubes of meat mar­i­nated and cooked on a skewer usu­ally with veg­eta­bles. 62. A city in south­ern Tur­key on the Sey­han River. 64. God of death. 65. An in­de­pen­dent ruler or chief­tain (es­pe­cially in Africa or Ara­bia). 66. Pre­cip­i­ta­tion of ice pel­lets when there are strong ris­ing air cur­rents. 68. A plant hor­mone pro­mot­ing elon­ga­tion of stems and roots. 69. Stan­dard tem­per­a­ture and pres­sure. 73. A heavy pre­cious metal­lic el­e­ment.

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