Nat­u­ral im­mune boost­ers and in­gre­di­ents to add to your recipes

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As it is now sum­mer time, I'm all about stay­ing healthy! What's worse than get­ting sick while on your sum­mer va­ca­tion? Noth­ing. With my busy work sched­ule and ev­ery­thing go­ing on, it's im­por­tant for me to keep my im­mune sys­tem in the best shape. I al­ways go for nat­u­ral op­tions to help boost my im­mune sys­tem be­cause this way you can be sure you're not harm­ing your body in any­way and you wont get any bad side ef­fects. In this ar­ti­cle, I'll be shar­ing my fa­vorite in­gre­di­ents that you can add to your recipes or in­cor­po­rate into your di­ets that will do won­ders for your health.

1. Turmeric pow­der

This pow­er­ful in­gre­di­ent has been used in In­dia for thou­sands of years as a spice and medic­i­nal herb. It's one of the most ef­fec­tive nu­tri­tional sup­ple­ments to ever ex­ist. It is a pow­er­ful anti-in­flam­ma­tory and an­tiox­i­dant which helps the body to fight any dis­eases as well as get­ting rid of tox­ins that are built in our bod­ies. It also has anti ag­ing ben­e­fits and much more! I in­cor­po­rate this in­gre­di­ent into my diet by adding it to my salad and I've no­ticed a lot of dif­fer­ence in how I feel. You can also blend it into a smoothie or into your tea, what­ever you pre­fer.

2. Gin­ger

Gin­ger is amaz­ing for re­liv­ing di­ges­tive prob­lems, nau­sea, and mo­tion sick­ness. I al­ways make sure to have gin­ger tea while I'm trav­el­ing to avoid the sick feel­ing we of­ten get while trav­el­ing for long hours at a time. Gin­ger is also an amaz­ing im­mune booster and I've found that I can feel the ef­fects of it im­me­di­ately; its def­i­nitely one of my fa­vorites.

3. Oregano Oil

The oregano plant is also a very pow­er­ful one and has an­tibac­te­rial, an­tivi­ral, an­tiox­i­dant and im­mune boost­ing prop­er­ties. I love adding a few drops to my water or you can do a few drops un­der your tongue but it does burn a lit­tle bit which is why I pre­fer hav­ing it with water.

4. Echi­nacea

If you feel a cold or flu com­ing, this is the herb for you. It re­ally helps to re­duce any symp­toms of cold and flu and other ill­nesses and infections. Its ben­e­fits are end­less: re­liv­ing aches and pains, heal­ing joint and mus­cle pains, re­duces the ap­pear­ance of wrin­kles and other signs of ag­ing, heals skin con­di­tions such as eczema and acne, and more! I per­son­ally drink Echi­nacea tea but you can find it in chew­able cap­sules too!

5. Gar­lic

Adding gar­lic into your meal can give you so many ben­e­fits like low­er­ing choles­terol lev­els, reg­u­lat­ing blood pres­sure and blood sugar lev­els, and boost­ing your im­mune sys­tem. It also con­tains Vi­ta­min C, Vi­ta­min B6, and fiber, which are all es­sen­tial to our health. It also helps to detox your body from any tox­ins and even heavy met­als that are built up in your or­gans so its ex­tremely pow­er­ful. Lets not men­tion it's also de­li­cious and can add some­thing to any meal. I per­son­ally use a lit­tle bit in my salad dress­ing and it tastes amaz­ing! Stay healthy this sum­mer the right and nat­u­ral way!

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