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1. A flex­i­ble con­tainer with a sin­gle open­ing. 4. Indonesian wild pig with enor­mous curved ca­nine teeth. 12. A fe­male per­son who has the same par­ents as an­other per­son. 15. A con­stel­la­tion in the south­ern hemi­sphere near Te­le­scopium and Norma. 16. Youth­ful ap­pear­ance in an old per­son. 17. (pre­fix) Op­po­site or op­pos­ing or neu­tral­iz­ing. 18. Hav­ing un­de­sir­able or neg­a­tive qual­i­ties. 19. A moun­tain in the An­des in Ar­gentina (22,546 feet high). 20. A trade lan­guage widely used in Chad. 22. The blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B anti­gens. 24. Some­thing twisted and tight and swollen. 26. A cor­rec­tional in­sti­tu­tion used to de­tain per­sons who are in the law­ful cus­tody of the gov­ern­ment (ei­ther ac­cused per­sons await­ing trial or con­victed per­sons serv­ing a sen­tence). 29. Wear away through ero­sion or va­por­iza­tion. 31. (aero­nau­ti­cal) Per­tain­ing to the tail sec­tion of a plane. 33. Late time of life. 34. A mas­ter's de­gree in busi­ness. 35. A genus of herbs of the fam­ily Cru­ciferae. 38. A met­ri­cal unit with un­stressed-stressed syl­la­bles. 42. Small genus of erect bal­sam-scented herbs. 43. A fed­eral agency es­tab­lished to co­or­di­nate pro­grams aimed at re­duc­ing pol­lu­tion and pro­tect­ing the en­vi­ron­ment. 45. (Old Tes­ta­ment) The wife of Abra­ham and mother of Isaac. 46. An an­tibi­otic (trade name Ery­throcin or E-Mycin or Ethril or Ilosone or Pe­di­amycin) ob­tained from the acti­no­mycete Strep­to­myces ery­threus. 48. A con­di­tion (mostly in boys) char­ac­ter­ized by be­hav­ioral and learn­ing dis­or­ders. 50. A state of south­west­ern In­dia. 51. Small tooth­less anteater with pre­hen­sile tale and four-clawed fore­limbs. 52. A city and port in north­ern Jut­land. 55. A self-funded re­tire­ment plan that al­lows you to con­trib­ute a lim­ited yearly sum to­ward your re­tire­ment. 56. Tree (as op­posed to shrub). 58. An oil port in south­ern Iraq. 61. Ti­tle for a civil or mil­i­tary leader (es­pe­cially in Turkey). 64. A genus of Plo­cei­dae. 67. An amino acid that is found in the cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem. 71. A short in­tro­duc­tory es­say pre­ced­ing the text of a book. 74. (Akka­dian) God of wis­dom. 76. A river in north cen­tral Switzer­land that runs north­east into the Rhine. 77. A cut of pork ribs with much of the meat trimmed off. 80. Com­mit­tee formed by a spe­cial-in­ter­est group to raise money for their fa­vorite po­lit­i­cal can­di­dates. 81. A nu­cleic acid that trans­mits ge­netic in­for­ma­tion from DNA to the cy­to­plasm. 82. Low stin­g­less net­tle of Cen­tral and South Amer­ica hav­ing vel­vety brown­ish­green toothed leaves and clus­ters of small green flow­ers. 83. A hor­mone pro­duced by the an­te­rior pi­tu­itary gland.


1. A small cake leav­ened with yeast. 2. An Ara­bic speak­ing per­son who lives in Ara­bia or North Africa. 3. An anx­i­ety dis­or­der char­ac­ter­ized by chronic free-float­ing anx­i­ety and such symp­toms as ten­sion or sweat­ing or trem­bling of light-head­ed­ness or ir­ri­tabil­ity etc that has lasted for more than six months. 4. An imag­i­nary ele­phant that ap­pears in a se­ries of French books for chil­dren. 5. Gone by. 6. Of or re­lat­ing to or char­ac­ter­is­tic of Ben­gal or its peo­ple. 7. A fam­ily of birds of the sub­or­der Oscines. 8. A switch made from the stems of the rat­tan palms. 9. A per­son who makes use of a thing. 10. A com­plete met­ric sys­tem of units of mea­sure­ment for sci­en­tists. 11. An as­so­ciate de­gree in ap­plied sci­ence. 12. The cap­i­tal and largest city of Ye­men. 13. A block of metal that is cast in a par­tic­u­lar shape for con­ve­nient han­dling. 14. A wide scarf worn about their shoul­ders by women. 21. (Greek mythol­ogy) One of the three Graces. 23. A genus of Old World mints of the fam­ily Labi­atae. 25. Young sheep. 27. A be­nign ep­ithe­lial tu­mor form­ing a rounded mass. 28. A porch along the out­side of a build­ing (some­times partly en­closed). 30. A small pel­let fired from an air ri­fle or BB gun. 32. (zool­ogy) Per­tain­ing to alu­lae. 36. (in Gnos­ti­cism) A divine power or na­ture em­a­nat­ing from the Supreme Be­ing and play­ing var­i­ous roles in the op­er­a­tion of the uni­verse. 37. Mea­sur­ing in­stru­ment in which the echo of a pulse of mi­crowave ra­di­a­tion is used to de­tect and lo­cate dis­tant ob­jects. 39. An an­cient city in south­east­ern Greece. 40. The Oceanic lan­guage spo­ken by the Maori peo­ple in New Zealand. 41. God of wealth and love. 44. An in­for­mal term for a fa­ther. 47. Of or re­lat­ing to or char­ac­ter­is­tic of Europe or the peo­ple of Europe. 49. An of­fi­cial pros­e­cu­tor for a ju­di­cial district. 53. 36th Pres­i­dent of the United States. 54. An em­blem (a small piece of plastic or cloth or metal) that sig­ni­fies your status (rank or mem­ber­ship or af­fil­i­a­tion etc.). 57. The cry made by sheep. 59. An awk­ward stupid per­son. 60. A white me­tal­lic el­e­ment that burns with a bril­liant light. 62. The mother of your fa­ther or mother. 63. Queen of the Olympian gods in an­cient Greek mythol­ogy. 65. Keep in mind or con­vey as a con­vic­tion or view. 66. An Ira­nian lan­guage spo­ken in Afghanistan. 68. A sys­tem of one or more com­put­ers and associated soft­ware with com­mon stor­age. 69. (in­for­mal) Very tired. 70. United States writer (born in Poland) who wrote in Yid­dish (1880-1957). 72. Of south­ern Europe. 73. An ac­coun­tant cer­ti­fied by the state. 75. A loose sleeve­less outer gar­ment made from aba cloth. 78. An in­tensely ra­dioac­tive me­tal­lic el­e­ment that oc­curs in minute amounts in ura­nium ores. 79. Be­ing nine more than ninety.

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