The Pales­tinian cause

Kuwait Times - - LOCAL - By Ah­mad Al-Sar­raf

Ican say for count­less of rea­sons that I have lived through the Pales­tinian cause for a long time, and this al­lows me to say that for the first time over half a cen­tury, Pales­tini­ans are stand­ing alone in fac­ing their en­e­mies. The only way they will be vic­to­ri­ous is if they could put a halt to their di­vi­sion and stop re­ly­ing on their Arab brothers.

Some of those in my gen­er­a­tion re­mem­ber Syr­ian ac­tress and singer Si­ham Rifqi, and oth­ers will know her as the singer who sang “Ya um Al-Abaya”, Hawwel ya Ghanam”, “Lao lil­gharam Hakem,” and “Yabu Al-Zu­luf”, and few other songs. She had a long ca­reer be­fore she mar­ried Salahud­dien Al-Aseer who with­drew her records from the mar­ket. She died in Spain in 2007 aged 85. Si­ham has a fa­mous song in which she says “Oh Pales­tine, to you we came... we are all men, we came... to carry your bur­dens, we came... around you, men who pro­tect you with souls and blood, and pro­tect the Ara­bian glory and wipe those who are your en­emy... etc.” The lyrics go on in use­less rhetoric, as it does not re­flect the re­al­ity in of tens of set­backs that Pales­tini­ans ex­pe­ri­enced over seven decades since 1948, dur­ing which the weak and di­vided Arab armies fought well-trained Jewish gangs with high fight­ing spirit.

They are fac­ing a de­feat after an­other, es­pe­cially after being forced one time after an­other, and mostly un­der pres­sure from “brothers” to re­ject all so­lu­tions, as we are “peo­ple who ac­cept no con­ces­sions,” “we are ei­ther on top or in the grave,” and we re­mained in our graves lament­ing our luck. No­body, of course, re­sponded to sis­ter Si­ham’s call, and went to lib­er­ate Pales­tine, even the most ex­treme cler­gy­men who pre­vi­ously sent thou­sands of young men to face death in Afghanistan, Kovoso, Chech­nya, then in Iraq and Syria. They kept their mouths shut and re­mained silent; not to men­tion even the con­dem­na­tion of the lat­est events, as if Jerusalem was not the pride of our Ara­bism, nor the first Qi­bla or the third haram.

The truth which many do not want to ad­mit is that Pales­tini­ans did not only suf­fer from bru­tal­ity and ter­ror­ism of the Is­raeli war and me­dia ap­pa­ra­tus, but also suf­fered more by the hands of their ‘brothers.’ Most of their Arab brothers con­trib­uted to di­vid­ing them into groups, par­ties, fronts and or­ga­ni­za­tions, and each is loyal to the area that pays for them. Dur­ing that time, Pales­tine was torn piece by piece and Arabs for­got about its cause in the past few years, and its tragedy be­came just a me­mory in the imag­i­na­tion of only a num­ber of peo­ple. What the Pales­tini­ans are fac­ing to­day, re­gard­less of their stand to­wards Sad­dam’s in­va­sion of my coun­try, is a tragedy as the en­tire world unan­i­mously for­got their cause and their suf­fer­ings. It is time that Pales­tini­ans be­come aware that their coun­try will only re­turn with their ef­forts and sac­ri­fices, as there is no abil­ity nor an in­ter­est for many in its lib­er­a­tion.

—Trans­lated by Kuwait Times

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