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1. An ac­coun­tant cer­ti­fied by the state. 4. Of or re­lat­ing to syl­la­bles. 12. The sense or­gan for hear­ing and equi­lib­rium. 15. Large north­ern deer with enor­mous flat­tened antlers in the male. 16. A skirt con­sist­ing of a rec­tan­gle of cal­ico or printed cot­ton. 17. An agency of the United Na­tions af­fil­i­ated with the World Bank. 18. The cry made by sheep. 19. Sit­u­ated at an apex. 20. Not ac­knowl­edg­ing the God of Chris­tian­ity and Ju­daism and Is­lam. 22. A mem­ber of a Tur­kic peo­ple of Uzbek­istan and neigh­bor­ing ar­eas. 24. That is to say. 25. Ridge-like in­growth of the ex­oskele­ton of an arthro­pod that sup­ports in­ter­nal or­gans and pro­vides at­tach­ment points for mus­cles. 27. A river that rises in cen­tral Ger­many and flows north to join the Elbe River. 31. A widely dis­trib­uted sys­tem of free and fixed macrophages de­rived from bone mar­row. 34. God­dess of the dead and queen of the un­der­world. 36. (Bri­tish) A minicar used as a taxi­cab. 40. A repub­lic in the Mid­dle East in western Asia. 42. An al­loy of cop­per and zinc (and some­times ar­senic) used to im­i­tate gold in cheap jewelry and for gild­ing. 44. The ba­sic unit of money in Western Samoa. 45. African tree with ed­i­ble yel­low fruit re­sem­bling man­gos. 46. Type genus of the Nep­i­dae. 47. Plants closely al­lied to the gen­era Sa­tureja and Calamintha. 49. Res­pi­ra­tory dis­or­der char­ac­ter­ized by wheez­ing. 51. A fi­brous am­phi­bole. 53. Peren­nial moun­tain rice na­tive to Mediter­ranean re­gion and in­tro­duced into North Amer­ica. 55. A mem­ber of the Siouan peo­ple liv­ing in the Ya­zoo river val­ley in Mis­sis­sippi. 56. A slight rounded el­e­va­tion where the malleus at­taches to the eardrum. 57. Be­ing two more than sixty. 60. Cubes of meat mar­i­nated and cooked on a skewer usu­ally with veg­eta­bles. 65. Type genus of the Al­ci­dae com­pris­ing solely the ra­zor­bill. 69. Ti­tle for a civil or military leader (es­pe­cially in Tur­key). 70. Woody climbers of trop­i­cal Asia to Australia. 74. A river in north cen­tral Switzer­land that runs north­east into the Rhine. 75. (pre­fix) Bad or er­ro­neous or lack of. 76. A cut of pork ribs with much of the meat trimmed off. 77. One of the most com­mon of the five ma­jor classes of im­munoglob­u­lins. 78. The residue that re­mains when some­thing is burned. 79. A mix­ture of nec­tar and pollen pre­pared by worker bees and fed to lar­vae. 80. A young woman mak­ing her de­but into so­ci­ety.


1. Type genus of the Ce­bidae. 2. A pub­lic square with room for pedes­tri­ans. 3. Jor­dan's port. 4. Sat­isfy (thirst). 5. In­for­mal terms for the mouth. 6. Be­ing seven more than fifty. 7. A cord that is drawn through eye­lets or around hooks in or­der to draw to­gether two edges (as of a shoe or gar­ment). 8. A flat wing-shaped process or wing­like part of an or­gan­ism. 9. Elder brother of Kr­ishna. 10. Be­ing one more than three. 11. A drug (trade name Capoten) that blocks the for­ma­tion of an­giotensin in the kid­neys re­sult­ing in va­sodi­la­tion. 12. Ger­man chemist who did re­search on high­speed chem­i­cal re­ac­tions (born in 1927). 13. Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion­ary pa­triot. 14. (the fem­i­nine of raja) A Hindu princess or the wife of a raja. 21. In­flam­ma­tion of a gland or lymph node. 23. Fer­mented al­co­holic bev­er­age sim­i­lar to but heav­ier than beer. 26. A tri­cy­cle (usu­ally pro­pelled by ped­alling). 28. A ra­dioac­tive metal­lic el­e­ment that is sim­i­lar to tel­lurium and bis­muth. 29. (Scot­tish) Bluish-black or gray-blue. 30. An in­clined sur­face or road­way that moves traf­fic from one level to an­other. 32. A poly­he­dron with two con­gru­ent and par­al­lel faces (the bases) and whose lat­eral faces are par­al­lel­o­grams. 33. The fe­male or gen­er­a­tive prin­ci­ple. 35. An in­ac­tive vol­cano in Si­cily. 37. The high­est part (usu­ally the melody) in a piece of choral mu­sic. 38. Re­mote in man­ner. 39. An adult male singer with the low­est voice. 41. Coffee-fla­vored liqueur made in Mex­ico. 43. Any of nu­mer­ous lo­cal fer­til­ity and nature deities wor­shipped by an­cient Semitic peo­ples. 48. The ba­sic unit of money in Ghana. 50. A port city in southern Kenya on a coral is­land in a bay of the In­dian Ocean. 52. English comic ac­tor (1925-1980). 54. A poly­va­lent metal­lic el­e­ment that re­sem­bles chromium and tung­sten in its prop­er­ties. 58. Be­ing three more than forty. 59. A state in mid­west­ern United States. 61. Ar­mor plate that pro­tects the chest. 62. A vig­or­ous blow. 63. (Norse mythol­ogy) God of war and strife and son of Odin. 64. Choco­late cookie with white cream fill­ing. 66. Set down ac­cord­ing to a plan. 67. An en­clo­sure made or wire or metal bars in which birds or an­i­mals are kept. 68. An Ara­bic speak­ing per­son who lives in Ara­bia or North Africa. 71. Rate of rev­o­lu­tion of a mo­tor. 72. Light in­for­mal con­ver­sa­tion for so­cial oc­ca­sions. 73. A loose sleeve­less outer gar­ment made from aba cloth.

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