Al-An­baa Vic­tim and at­tacker

Kuwait Times - - Local - By Dr Ner­min Al-Houti — Trans­lated by Kuwait Times

The state­ment “in case of fights, both vic­tim and at­tacker will be de­ported if they are ex­pa­tri­ates” is­sued by the In­te­rior Min­istry has many mean­ings sum­ma­rized in one sen­tence. It truly is a right to de­port all those who cre­ate chaos and com­pro­mise the state’s se­cu­rity. Yet, many ques­tions arise when you think about that state­ment in depth, such as:

What if the ex­pat in that is a mi­nor? Does de­por­ta­tion in­clude the ju­ve­nile and his fam­ily? What is the mech­a­nism of ac­tion in such cases?

Is the de­ci­sion ex­clu­sive for males or does it in­clude both gen­ders?

Is the de­ci­sion lim­ited to phys­i­cal at­tack? Or in­cludes other types of as­sault?

Why is the de­ci­sion lim­ited to phys­i­cal as­sault alone?

Th­ese or­ders were is­sued for ex­pats, but what about cit­i­zens?

Is this de­ci­sion sub­ject to vari­a­tion? Will it van­ish like other de­ci­sions? As we all know, there was a de­ci­sion made pre­vi­ously and stated that any ex­pat who ha­rasses a girl will be de­ported, but it lasted for a few hours only.

We are tired of lis­ten­ing to state­ments such as “men­tally dis­turbed.” It is time to put a stop to such reck­less be­hav­ior. In­stead of study­ing the sit­u­a­tion, it is time to take strict ac­tions against any kind of as­sault. The pun­ish­ment should be strict enough to set an ex­am­ple against such be­hav­ior. We also need to pun­ish those who use wasta (con­nec­tions) as a loop­hole to get around the law. It is a re­quest that a law should be passed against peo­ple us­ing wasta, be­cause Kuwait is tired of it.

The pun­ish­ment should be strict enough to set an ex­am­ple

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