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The Bike Shop (06 202 393, Face­book: the­bikeshoplb, Tripoli) is the place to buy, rent or re­pair if you’re based in North Le­banon. They also or­ga­nize ac­tiv­i­ties in­clud­ing city tours and races.

Bike Gen­er­a­tion (01 398442, bikegen­er­a­tion-me.com, Furn el Cheb­bak) sell bikes, prod­ucts and of­fer rentals and re­pairs. On Sun­days they or­ga­nize rides around Le­banon.

Cy­closport (01 446792, Gem­mayzeh, cy­closportlb.com) was founded back in 1932 and sells bikes and ac­ces­sories. They also or­ga­nize bike rides.

Beirut By Bike (01 365524, beirut­by­bike. com, Down­town), with its cen­tral lo­ca­tion, is the ideal spot to rent a bike and ex­plore the city by day or night.

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