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is achieved by adding sugar syrup.

Yo­gurt and sour cream

rep­re­sent a broad prod­uct cat­e­gory. They are fer­mented dairy prod­ucts, where part of the milk sugar lac­tose con­verts to lac­tic acid, in­clud­ing Greek-style yo­gurt (fat free and 5 per­cent fat), drink­ing yo­gurt and sour creams.

Curd and cream desserts

are pro­duced like cheese by the pre­cip­i­ta­tion of milk pro­teins us­ing cultural micro­organ­isms and ren­net en­zymes. To­day, it is pro­duced ac­cord­ing to the con­tent of fat in sev­eral types: soft, fine, fat or hard. They have a low calo­rie con­tent, the low fat ver­sion is al­most fat-free!

Cheese and dairy spreads

rep­re­sent a large and di­verse group of dairy prod­ucts, promoting two kinds of cheese: fresh and semi-hard steamed cheese. Con­sumers are in­formed on the high qual­ity prod­ucts, which best rep­re­sent Euro­pean qual­ity pro­duc­tion, en­cour­ag­ing target groups to try new va­ri­eties and flavours which can eas­ily be com­bined in lo­cal food habits.

EU Milky Way

The pro­gram is ini­ti­ated by the Czech and Mo­ra­vian Dairy As­so­ci­a­tion (CMSM) and co-funded by the Czech Repub­lic and the Euro­pean Union.

The pro­gram lasts from 2016-2019 and tar­gets the markets of United Arab Emi­rates, Saudi Ara­bia and Le­banon.

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