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The city’s most prom­i­nent fea­ture is the beau­ti­ful Merkez Camii Mosque, which sits along the wa­ter’s edge and serves as the back­drop to the cityscape. Built in 1998, the mosque is rel­a­tively new, but its size and ar­chi­tec­tural beauty make it a true em­blem of the city. The Merkez Camii Mosque is ab­so­lutely breath­tak­ing and the enor­mous park sur­round­ing it only adds to its gran­deur. Spend an af­ter­noon walk­ing down to the river’s edge, tak­ing pic­tures of this in­cred­i­ble mosque from ev­ery an­gle. Walk­ing through the nar­row and wind­ing streets of Old Adana, vis­i­tors can get a sense of the lay­ers of his­tory the city holds. The Clock Tower, built in the Ot­toman era, is the cen­tral fea­ture of the Old Souk. Though im­pres­sive in height, it is the old mar­ket sur­round­ing the Clock Tower that re­ally sets the tone in this his­toric area.

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