Bel­uga caviar

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Bel­uga Caviar is the most ex­pen­sive food item in the world, cost­ing up to USD 5,000 per kilo­gram. It usu­ally ranges from purple to black, the palest be­ing the most ex­pen­sive. It should be served chilled and never at room tem­per­a­ture, in a dish of ice. Use uten­sils made of glass, plas­tic or ce­ramic to pre­serve the taste. It is tra­di­tional eti­quette to eat caviar in small bites. You can also eat it on un­salted crack­ers or bread, or on small tra­di­tional Rus­sian pan­cakes called blini. You can gar­nish it with fresh herbs like pars­ley, dill or sour cream.

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