Le Boeuf d’aquitaine with fois gras

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Serves 4 Prep/cook­ing 1 hr IN­GRE­DI­ENTS

• Fil­let of Aquitaine beef, pre­pare and por­tion 4 square blocks of 150g each (80mm) • 4 slices of foie gras, 30g of the same

di­am­e­ter of squares • 4 bre­saola rounds of 60mm, browned

and crispy

Crunchy frit­ters

• 125g flour • 15g olive oil • 35g wa­ter • 10g egg white • 2 tsp salt Add all liq­uids to the flour, then salt and set aside for 24 hours. Roll out very thin, brush well, fold, roll again very thin and cut to a di­am­e­ter 60mm and cook on very hot plate, 300°C and re­serve.

Purée of ar­ti­chocke

• 200g Jerusalem ar­ti­choke • 80g cream • 150g milk • Salt to taste • Lemon juice and zest to taste

Cook slowly by skim­ming, mix and re­serve.


• 100g hulled and seed­less grapes • 100g thinly chopped shal­lots • Olive oil and salt Brown the shal­lots and when they are col­ored, re­serve on a pa­per towel.

Tonkatsu sauce

• 200g veal stock • 30g ketchup • 5g sesame oil • 20g soya • 10g Worces­ter­shire sauce • 5g Voat­siper­ifery pep­per • Foie gras for thick­en­ing Mix all the in­gre­di­ents and cook slowly. Add the sauce and fin­ish the thick­en­ing. Sea­son and re­serve.


Open the marked fil­lets in half. Place the slice of foie gras in­side. Gar­nish with crispy shal­lots and raisins and close with the other half of the fil­let and then place in the oven. For the crunchy frit­ters, open the frit­ters in two. Ar­range four shoots of dif­fer­ent sal­ads with olive oil. Then add a slice of bre­saola and close with the frit­ter lid. Fin­ish, with four lemon zest pre­served, four sprigs of pars­ley, four spring-roll rounds of panko crips (make rounds of tonkatsu sauce, breaded to the panko and then brown in the oven).

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