By Ex­ec­u­tive Pas­try Chef Chadi Karam Mem­ber of Academy Na­tionale de Cui­sine Lily’s Down­town Beirut

Taste & Flavors - - DESSERT - Serves 6 Prep/bak­ing 1 hr 30 mins


Co­conut crust • 120g su­gar • 130g but­ter • 100g chopped al­monds • 60g co­conut pow­der • 30g flour • 1g salt Whisk the but­ter and the su­gar to­gether. Pour the al­mond and co­conut into the flour and salt. Mix all of the in­gre­di­ents for 5 min­utes. Spread be­tween two sil­pat.

Con­fit mangue • 230g mango purée • 60g su­gar • 5g pec­tine • 5g lemon juice • 0.5g lemon zest Heat the purée. Add the zest, the pectin and the su­gar. Boil to­gether.

Cre­meux ex­o­tique • 133g eggs • 120g su­gar • 80g pas­sion fruit purée • 40g puréed ba­nana • 30g lemon juice • 3g gelatin • 200g but­ter Heat the purées to­gether. Add the su­gar and the eggs. Boil, then let it cool down to 40°C. Add the but­ter, mix with a blender and pour into demie sphere. Place in the freezer.

Mousse vanille citron vert • 185g pas­try cream • 7.5g gelatin • 145g white choco­late • 445g UHT milk • 2 p lemon zest • 0.5 gousse de vanilla (vanilla bean) In­fuse the lemon zest and the vanilla with the UHT for 24 hours. Heat the pas­try cream and then add the gelatin. Add the melted choco­late.


Mix to­gether and pour in the whisked cream. Pipe 40g of mousse into a demie sphere. Insert the cre­meux ex­o­tique. Put it in the freezer. Coat with the white choco­late and co­coa but­ter. Gar­nish with sauce mangue and the co­conut crust.

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