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Serves 10 Prep/cook­ing 40 mins


Car­rot fer­men­ta­tion • 500g car­rots • 800g wa­ter • 2g salt • 200g car­rot ex­trac­tion Cele­riac • 400g cele­riac • 200g cel­ery ex­trac­tion Turnip jelly • 800g turnip ex­trac­tion • 400g ponzu • 13g agar-agar Chia tiles • Chia seeds Fin­ish and assem­bly • 400g av­o­cado • 5g hemp pow­der • 20ml co­conut oil • 10ml olive oil • Seki­ga­hara soya sauce • Salt, freshly ground pep­per


Car­rot fer­men­ta­tion Chop the car­rots into large pieces and place in a jar, then add the wa­ter, salt and car­rot ex­trac­tion. Leave to fer­ment for 1 month at a tem­per­a­ture of be­tween 14°C and 16°C. Cele­riac Peel the cele­riac then, us­ing a slicer, cut into slices 1 mm thick. Dab each slice with car­rot fer­men­ta­tion and cel­ery ex­trac­tion be­fore putting the cele­riac back to­gether. Leave to fer­ment for 48 hours in a vac­uum. Steam cook at 85°C for 45 min­utes. Leave to cool. Turnip jelly Make an ex­trac­tion from the turnips. Heat with the ponzu to 90°C be­fore adding the agar-agar. Cook for around 2 to 3 min­utes. Cool then place in the Ther­momix. Put through a strainer and vac­uum pack. Chia tiles Plunge the chia seeds into a saucepan of luke­warm wa­ter and leave to swell for 30 min­utes. Spread onto sul­fu­r­ized pa­per in a layer about 2 to 3mm thick. Trans­fer to the de­hy­dra­tor for 12 hours to ob­tain a crispy tex­ture. Fin­ish and assem­bly As­sem­ble the mille-feuilles, start­ing with the cel­ery leaves, then the av­o­cado trimmed un­evenly. Be­tween each in­gre­di­ent, sprin­kle hemp pow­der, salt, pep­per and some crum­bled chia tile. Once the mille-feuilles is as­sem­bled, cut in 4 and ar­range on a plate. Add a touch of turnip jelly and a dash of soya sauce. Fin­ish with a sprin­kling of hemp pow­der.

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