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You would ex­pect an es­teemed par­fumier who has cre­ated iconic fra­grances from Calvin Klein’s CK One to Bul­gari’s Man In Black to have his nose up in the air. Not Al­berto Mo­ril­las. Friendly, warm and invit­ing, Mo­ril­las opened up about cre­at­ing the Bul­gari Man Wood Essence and more, mak­ing the mo­ment spent with the leg­end well worth trav­el­ling 13 hours for.

What was the sta ing point of cre­at­ing the new fra­grance?

I was given three pic­tures, one was of a tree taken very close up and an­other taken from a dis­tance. The third pic­ture was of a very new, high-tech build­ing.

What are your favourite pa s of a fra­grance?

The be­gin­ning (the top notes). For me, that is a very pow­er­ful mo­ment. It’s the same when you have a re­la­tion­ship: that first in­stance when you see the per­son is some­thing you’ll re­mem­ber very well be­cause you feel an in­tense emo­tion. This is also when I start to ex­per­i­ment (with a fra­grance).

Can you de­scribe Bul­gari Man’s Essence Wood to us?

Easy to wear and very mas­cu­line. Not mas­cu­line in a ma­cho sense, but ed­u­cated. I think it’s very at­trac­tive when sprayed on the skin. It’s... in­trigu­ing.

How do you bridge the gap be­tween what con­sumers like and what you like?

I never think about the con­sumer. Be­cause if you do, it de­stroys your clar­ity. You need to first put your own emo­tion in the bot­tle. And then if peo­ple love what I cre­ate, it makes me very happy.

Who can you see wear­ing this fra­grance?

Any­one. I think the per­fume is not just for one per­son. I never think about a man or woman when I cre­ate. I think about mix­ing an el­e­ment with an emo­tion.

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