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ER­DEM SPRING/ SUM­MER ’14 Turner started by us­ing the Tecni. Art Full Vol­ume Ex­tra Mousse and dry­ing it into the hair to “give it some guts”. Then, us­ing his hands, he cre­ated a low side part­ing to slightly re­sem­ble a comb over. The idea was to cre­ate some­thing that looked like it hadn’t been done right, cre­ated by a naive per­son who couldn’t quite get it per­fect. The side-swept fringe was se­cured with a very vis­i­ble bobby pin, again to show youth and naivety. The hair was then blasted with Tecni. Art Fresh Dust to cre­ate fluffi­ness and light­ness, com­ple­ment­ing the collection. Er­dem wanted some­thing “a bit ghostly, dark and creepy”. The back of the hair was pinned up so it looked like the hair had been se­cured ca­su­ally with a pen­cil. To fin­ish the look, Tecni. Art Fix Anti-Frizz hair­spray was over-used so it al­most looked wet and like the young per­son had ac­ci­den­tally used too much prod­uct. Two bits of hair were also pulled out the side and sprayed again with Tecni. Art Fix An­tiFrizz to look a bit like side­burns. PETER PILOTTO SPRING/ SUM­MER ’14 Turner worked Tecni. Art Pli into the hair sec­tion by sec­tion, dry­ing it with his fin­gers. For girls who had thick tresses, he braided some of it un­der­neath to give the look of thin, strag­gly hair. There was a lot go­ing on with the clothes in the collection so they didn’t want too much hair on the clothes. Once the hair was dry, it was left to look thin with not much move­ment in it. Turner wanted it to look very lit­tle-girly in a “sickly sweet” way. Fi­nally, the fringe was parted in the cen­tre and pulled back be­hind the ears into two loops, se­cured with vis­i­ble bobby pins to fur­ther em­u­late the lit­tle-girl look.

Turner works his magic back­stage

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