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“I see the sun­rise, I see the sun­set, I feel the sooth­ing wind blow­ing, I feel the bloom­ing flower dancing, I hear my child singing Happy Mother’s Day.”


“There was this mo­ment in my life that seemed per­fectly beau­ti­ful. But I can’t even re­mem­ber, and this art­work helps me.” “This is a pic­ture of my mum with her first­born (my sis­ter). You can see it in my mum’s face be­ing a first-time mum, how ex­cited and at the same time very anx­ious she is over what the fu­ture is to bring. In the pic­ture, she is tak­ing it all in stride, know­ing that she will do what­ever it takes to bring her child up in the best pos­si­ble way. She had two more chil­dren soon af­ter. This was taken on 7th Novem­ber 1971 (my mum has this in­ces­sant habit of writ­ing the date down on ev­ery pho­to­graph. I am thank­ful for this for now).”

Molly Bounc­ing Hap­pily, 2014, Seel­ing

Hunter Gatherer, 2013, Justin Lim

My mum, me, Amy, and Char­lie, Shooshie Su­laiman

Ivan Lam’s mother with his sis­ter in 1971

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