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Swiss Line Cell Shock 360° Syn­chro­nized Time Re­ver­sal Pro­gram, RM1,088 ne drop of L’Oc­c­i­tane Di­vine Youth Oil and you get the com­bined benefits of Im­mortelle and seven es­sen­tial oils to en­er­gise and give your skin a gor­geous fin­ish. Tip: mix with liq­uid foun­da­tion for in­stant glow. Opt for or­gan­i­cally sourced oil as that is 100% pure and free of sul­phates, petro­chem­i­cals, and GMOs. Josie Maran Ar­gan Oil and Melvita Ar­gan Oil top our list for a nat­u­ral, multi-tasking beauty fix. Grown or­gan­i­cally in Morocco, use it on dry hair, skin, and cu­ti­cles. A’kin Pure Ra­di­ance Rose­hip Oil, RM75

Lf you have forgotten your cleanser, use your face oil. Ap­ply a thick layer all over your skin and let it sit for a while. Dampen a cloth with warm to hot wa­ter and leave it on your face, breath­ing deeply for a few sec­onds. Wipe off all residue to see soft­ened skin, un­clogged pores, and a glow­ing com­plex­ion. Re­mem­ber: baby oil usu­ally con­tains fragrance and chem­i­cals, so go for a gen­tler op­tion in­stead, such as vir­gin co­conut oil or A’kin Rose­hip Oil. et­ting go of all your ten­sion is cru­cial to keep body and mind in check. Re­cent re­search shows that aro­mather­apy oil can not only re­lax the mind but also trig­ger a chain re­ac­tion that will al­low the skin to heal it­self nat­u­rally. Clar­ins’s world-fa­mous body treat­ment oil with 100-per­cent pure plant ex­tracts and aro­matic oils in­clud­ing gera­nium, chamomile, and pe­tit grain will help ease mus­cle pain and put you back in the right frame of mind. Who says oil is bad for you?

L’Oc­c­i­tane Di­vine Youth Oil, RM469 Melvita Ar­gan Oil, RM138

Dr. Se­bagh Rose de Vie Serum Del­i­cat, RM750

Jo Malone Am­ber & Laven­der Bath Oil, RM280

Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil

Clar­ins Re­lax Body Treat­ment Oil, RM208

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