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Oh yes, you read right. Fat is back on the menu and we’re not just talk­ing oily fish, nuts, and av­o­cado. We’re talk­ing egg yolks, but­ter, and drip­ping. Sat­u­rated fats are im­por­tant, too. It’s not about the type; more about qual­ity and prove­nance. Try to go for nat­u­rally pro­duced fat from nat­u­rally fed, nat­u­rally reared an­i­mals, fat that is un­re­fined and or­ganic. . . . DIG­I­TAL DETOX? Ev­ery night, we turn off our phones and lap­tops, and keep our bed­rooms tech-free. . . . EN­JOY LUNCH AWAY FROM YOUR DESK? For­get ‘Al Desko’. Get out­side to catch some much-needed vi­ta­min D, look up at the sky, and smile for in­stant feel-good vibes. Get away from the screen, stretch your legs, and take in a change of scenery. Give your­self time to en­joy nour­ish­ing your body. Savour that flavour! . . . IN­DULGE IN A CO­CONUT- OIL HAIR TREAT­MENT? Or­ganic, nat­u­ral, chem­i­cal-free, and ex­tremely af­ford­able. Mas­sage into hair from scalp to ends, leave for at least 30 min­utes, and sham­poo. . . . HAVE A SUN­DAY COOK- OFF? Get ahead on the week and batch-cook meals. Then, freeze to en­sure you have good, home-cooked food stocked up and ready to go. . . . MAKE SOME BONE BROTH? This easy, fru­gal dish is one of the world’s old­est foods. Tasty and sooth­ing, it’s our not-so-se­cret su­per­food and the se­cret to great di­ges­tion and beau­ti­ful skin. . . . STOP COUNT­ING CALO­RIES AND START COUNT­ING CHEM­I­CALS? Fo­cus on real, whole foods pre­pared prop­erly – free from pes­ti­cides, chem­i­cals, and added hor­mones. . . . LEARN TO MED­I­TATE? It’s a game changer. Meet our teacher Gary Gor­row at our next Mind Body Re­set event hosted by Gor­row, Yas­min Sewell, and us. www.the­mind­bodyre­set.com . . . MAKE VEG­ETA­BLES YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND? Think of them as the main event as op­posed to a side dish or af­ter­thought. It’s as sim­ple as mak­ing ‘pasta’ from cour­gettes or cu­cum­ber ‘noo­dle’ sal­ads. The Hem­s­ley + Hem­s­ley spi­raliser turns veg­eta­bles into long, spaghet­ti­like spi­rals in min­utes. Avail­able at www.hem­s­leyand­hem­s­ley.com

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