David Loong, 2014

Harper’s Bazaar (Malaysia) - - Horoscope Special -


The Heav­enly Star of 6 this year means things fall into place with­out you hav­ing to do all that much. Guided by the cos­mos, lis­ten to what the uni­verse is telling you. Pay at­ten­tion to the signs and al­low your in­tu­ition to have a say. There is no need to be overly log­i­cal in the way you lead your life, be­cause things may well not make any log­i­cal sense. Promis­ing stars in your chart in­clude a Big Aus­pi­cious star, which you share with the Rat. This could also mean that friends of the Rat sign may be the key to big suc­cess. LUCK EN­HANCERS: Ac­ti­vate your an­i­mal sign sec­tor of North­east with a Tiger and Ox crys­tal globe. Crys­tals en­hance in­trin­sic Earth en­ergy and bring lots of friends; they also strengthen lucky in­di­ca­tions brought by the Heaven Star. Wear di­a­monds; th­ese are fab­u­lous Earth en­hancers. AF­FLIC­TIONS: You are at con­flict with the Tai Sui or the Grand Duke Jupiter, who re­sides in the sec­tor of your as­tro­log­i­cal nemesis the Sheep. Avoid fac­ing south­west when at your desk, dining, or hav­ing an im­por­tant con­ver­sa­tion. Carry a Tai Sui amulet, and place a Pi Yao or the Tai Sui plaque in the south­west to ap­pease him. SE­CRET WEAPON: Your re­silience and hard­work­ing ethic keeps you above the fray. Don’t let tem­po­rary set­backs floor you. Avoid get­ting into un­nec­es­sary ar­gu­ments. Don’t be averse to los­ing small bat­tles to win the war. LOVE: Ro­mance blos­soms un­ex­pect­edly for the Ox this year. Those of you who are sin­gle could find love even if you are not look­ing for it. Il­lus­trated by Jun Kit.


With the heav­ens guiding you this year, all will end well. The Heaven Star fea­tures promi­nently, bring­ing sup­port from men­tors. Have faith you can de­liver, and don’t let your tem­per get the bet­ter of you, or you could give strength to the Yearly Con­flict star. Stay calm, and pounce when the time is right. LUCK EN­HANCERS: The Tiger and Ox Crys­tal Globe brings out all that is lucky in your home sec­tor of North­east. You ben­e­fit from Wood en­ergy, and wear­ing the colour green (es­pe­cially stones) ac­ti­vates wealth. AF­FLIC­TIONS: Com­bat the Yearly Con­flict star that brings dis­agree­ments into your or­bit by car­ry­ing the Anti-Anger amulet. SE­CRET WEAPON: Your drive and de­ter­mi­na­tion. Keep your eye on the prize. LOVE: You are so­cially popular and ap­peal­ing in 2015. Il­lus­trated by David Loong, an artist whose freestyle man­ner in ex­press­ing emo­tion through art is cap­tured in ev­ery stroke of paint.

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