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You can’t es­cape the sun. This means at some point dur­ing the day, you will be ex­posed to its harm­ful rays as well as other en­vi­ron­men­tal ag­gres­sors that wreak havoc on your skin. Even if you are dili­gent when it comes to sun pro­tec­tion (and by dili­gent we mean reap­ply­ing your sun­screen ev­ery two hours; make-up with SPF doesn’t count), there are other pig­men­ta­tion-in­duc­ing cul­prits to con­sider – hor­mones, stress, age­ing, to name a few.

As if that’s not enough cause for alarm, science now tells us that even when we are out of the sun, our skin still con­tin­ues to suf­fer its harm­ful ef­fects. Dur­ing the day, skin ac­cu­mu­lates dam­age from mul­ti­ple as­saults that trig­ger melanin pro­duc­tion, lead­ing to spots and hy­per-pig­men­ta­tion. Come night­time, the same trig­ger con­tin­ues, lead­ing to even more dark spots and se­ri­ous dis­coloura­tion over time. This ex­plains why those lit­tle brown specks may ap­pear within days af­ter your beach week­end while pig­men­ta­tion re­veals it­self years later as the re­sult of long-term sun dam­age. Those dark spots are per­sis­tent and may never fade.


The best way out of this hy­per-pig­men­ta­tion cy­cle is a skin­care rou­tine that works around the clock, zon­ing in on the prob­lem with the spe­cific repar­a­tive ac­tions skin needs dur­ing dif­fer­ent times of the day. In­spired by the skin’s nat­u­ral rhythm, Estéee Lauder sci­en­tists have cre­ated the brand’s lat­est bright­en­ing col­lec­tion, Cres­cent White te Full Cy­cle Bright­en­ing. Think of the seven prod­ucts as your guard against the sun, nowow and in the fu­ture. This morn­ing-to-night reg­i­men works by tar­get­ing ex­ist­ing spots while also help­ing to min­imise the dam­age that con­trib­utes to fu­ture spots.

Us­ing a plethora of ad­vance­ments in­clud­ing the SIRT-Tech­nol­ogy and in­gre­di­ents made from nat­u­rally de­rived botan­i­cals such as baicalin, mo­lasses, sea fern ex­tract, and liquorice, the prod­ucts work in two folds: Dur­ing the day, it works with the skin’s nat­u­ral re­pair rhythms to pro­tect it and pre­vent dam­age that can con­trib­ute to ex­cess pig­men­ta­tion. At night, it cor­rects the ap­pear­ance of ex­ist­ing dark spots while pre­vent­ing fu­ture spots, as its po­tent com­bi­na­tion of in­gre­di­ents breaks up ac­cu­mu­lated pig­ments and min­imises skin’s re­sponses to melanin pro­duc­tion. This com­bi­na­tion of day and night ac­tions grad­u­ally erases all signs of sun dam­age, and steers the way for your com­plex­ion’s bright fu­ture. Avail­able at all Estée Lauder coun­ters.

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