BE­COM­ING K EN­DALL By Laura Brown.

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It was a fate­ful day. Fe­bru­ary 2014, New York City. Ken­dall Jen­ner, of re­al­ity-show fame and a fam­ily big on K’s, walked in the Au­tumn/Win­ter ’14 Marc Ja­cobs show, wear­ing a sheer bronze knit and kicky ’60s trousers, her long, dark hair cov­ered by a blunt ch­est­nut wig. As they say in France, there was a pal­pa­ble fris­son. Now Jen­ner has 31 shows, an Estée Lauder cam­paign, and here, her sec­ond shoot with Karl Lager­feld un­der her belt. She’s the hard­est to keep up with of all. This shoot is quite the metaphor. Com­ing out of a box – like when you ar­rived in fash­ion. Kind of. It was re­ally ex­cit­ing, ac­tu­ally. I re­mem­ber the Marc Ja­cobs show, which was my first re­ally big show and my com­ing out. Be­fore walked it I didn’t know how every­one would re­act to me. But no one knew I was do­ing it. [Stylist] Katie Grand cast you, right? Yes. My agents tried to trick me at first. They were go­ing to tell me I didn’t get it, but they were too ex­cited, so they were like, “Aw, screw it, you got the show.” I was like, “Oh, my God!” I al­most started cry­ing. It was fun. Karl Lager­feld has said you’re the girl of the mo­ment. How do you make this mo­ment last? I started this hop­ing that it would have longevity. I didn’t come into this think­ing it’s go­ing to be a fun thing that I’m go­ing to do on the side. It’s some­thing I want to do my whole life. It’s a ca­reer, so I needed to be re­ally gen­tle with it. We had to pick and choose things very specif­i­cally. Tell me about when you first met Karl. I’m re­ally shy when I first meet some­one – and to meet him was even worse. He would say some­thing to me and I would just nod. It was like meet­ing a crush or some­thing – I was mute. He prob­a­bly thought I was the big­gest weirdo. Then, ev­ery time we’d see each other, it would just get bet­ter and bet­ter. Now we’re to­tally BFFs. What have you learned from him? I’ve ac­tu­ally learned to be a bet­ter model. When­ever I shoot with him, he gives me some tips, lit­tle things, point­ers. He makes me feel good when I’m work­ing with him – we have good chem­istry now. Okay, some word as­so­ci­a­tion. Karl is … Amaz­ing. That was bor­ing, though! Hmm. Funny? Has great hair? Has amaz­ing hair! How did you make friends with your In­sta­gram pals Cara Delev­ingne, Joan Smalls, and Gigi Ha­did? Just through work. I think it’s su­per im­por­tant. You have to be around th­ese girls for work, for par­ties, for events, for shows, es­pe­cially. It’s good to have a set of girl­friends that you can stand be­ing around. You have to be around th­ese peo­ple all the time! Cara Delev­ingne is … Amaz­ingly crazy. We bal­ance each other out. I chill her out and she makes me fun. Blon­des or brunettes, who has more fun? I’m a brunette, and I have a lot of fun. How many pairs of shoes do you have? Um, I’m too em­bar­rassed to say. I have a prob­lem – I need to go to re­hab for shoe ad­dic­tion. The last pair I bought was some Giuseppe Zan­ot­tis, thigh-high. Out­fit you most re­gret? If I look back at episodes of my shows, I’m like, “Oh, God!” In one I’m wear­ing green denim pants, full neon green. What first at­tracts you to some­one? Re­ally beau­ti­ful eyes. What’s your dream date? I don’t know, a nice din­ner. I love, like, be­ing out­side at night. I know that sounds re­ally ran­dom, but I love be­ing on the beach or any­where out­side at night. I think it’s beau­ti­ful and ro­man­tic.

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