AMA­ZO­NIAN QUEEN An op­u­lent stone and the daz­zling vista of Brazil in­spire the next chap­ter of Bul­gari Om­nia Paraiba. By Li Ying Lim.

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n a voy­age to the Ama­zon in Brazil in a “quest for the holy grail” – the gar­de­nia of his dreams – Bul­gari scent cre­ator Al­berto Mo­ril­las was cap­ti­vated by the trop­i­cal land­scape and was in­stantly inspired by the feral scents, a pow­er­ful in­ter­min­gling of flow­ers with wa­ter­falls and green fronds. “The feel­ing of Brazil” im­bued his senses, both in scenery and scent.

“When in Rio, I opened the win­dows of my room over­look­ing the ocean. I ex­pe­ri­enced the same ful­fil­ment, the joie de vivre, the sen­ti­ment of ex­treme beauty that one can find on the shores of the Mediter­ranean,” Mo­ril­las re­calls that mem­o­rable jour­ney. “This ini­tial emo­tion, this fresh­ness, which could be Ital­ian, Ro­man or Si­cil­ian, was joined by the very dis­tinc­tive ex­oti­cism I had dreamed of.” That dream be­came the beat­ing heart of his new cre­ation, Bul­gari Om­nia Paraiba. “A sort of re­cov­ered Eden that was im­me­di­ately en­riched with the im­age of a woman who ‘dances as she walks’ along the seashore,” de­scribes Mo­ril­las of the latest ad­di­tion to the Om­nia fra­grance col­lec­tion. “Like life, her beauty is move­ment.”

Those who have fallen in thrall with the Bul­gari Om­nia col­lec­tion would have prior knowl­edge of the legacy of ex­otic in­gre­di­ents and in­spi­ra­tions taken from colour­ful pre­cious stones. In this col­lec­tion, Mo­ril­las has demon­strated with each scent his unique abil­ity to spotlight one rare flower and turn it into a daz­zling fra­grance. While the last Om­nia In­dian Gar­net played up the tuberose and the epony­mous stone, the Om­nia Paraiba is built upon a pre­cious gem – the “neon blue” Paraiba tour­ma­line, found only in Brazil – which makes its value, par ex­cel­lence, like di­a­monds.

To pay re­spect to such exquisite­ness, Mo­ril­las set to work with an equally ex­quis­ite pas­sion flower. Maracuja, also known as the Brazil­ian pas­sion flower, truly sets the tone, while whiffs of the mys­te­ri­ous essence of Brazil­ian gar­de­nia saun­ters in as heart notes.

“Com­posed around the zest of the bit­ter or­ange and of fruits and en­hanced by ef­fer­ves­cent co­coa, this per­fume com­bines fresh, crispy, and tangy notes with the strangely beau­ti­ful pas­sion flower and Brazil­ian gar­de­nia,” di­vulges Mo­ril­las of the com­po­si­tion. “Con­sid­er­ably more volup­tuous, creamier, and less me­tal­lic than the Euro­pean gar­de­nia, I used it as if I were paint­ing a wa­ter­colour. Imag­ine un­de­fined com­bi­na­tions of pink, green, yel­low, and blue, bleached by time on old colo­nial houses, an ex­ceed­ingly el­e­gant patina that one finds ev­ery­where in the North­east Re­gion.”

“I also wanted to ex­press my re­ac­tion to the pow­er­ful im­pact of the om­nipresent na­ture – the in­cred­i­ble power of the waves, the ex­panse of daz­zling blue, and the pres­ence of the for­est. So close, mys­te­ri­ous, and mag­i­cal. Vetiver notes were needed to con­vey this deep-rooted facet – the sub­lim­i­nal as­pect of this im­mense, lux­u­ri­ant, and wild gar­den, home to a pre­cise type of woman. She is sim­ply put, primeval, spell­bind­ing, and hy­per-fem­i­nine.” Avail­able at Bul­gari fra­grance coun­ters na­tion­wide. Bul­gari Om­nia Paraiba EDT, RM247 (40ml) & RM318 (65ml)


Edita Vilke­vi­ciute for Bul­gari Om­nia Paraiba

The rare maracuja plays out a beau­ti­ful tangy note in the fra­grance

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