B E I NTO TH E DE E P Dive into the coolest colour for real calm and seren­ity. By Li Ying Lim. LU

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Blue is the colour of a sea of thoughts, the calm­ing hue for no­to­ri­ously over­driven minds. Blue re­sides deep within you, specif­i­cally, in the throat chakra. “An im­bal­anced throat chakra can dis­play it­self in many ways. Some signs of im­bal­ance are ly­ing, ar­ro­gance, talk­ing too much, be­ing ma­nip­u­la­tive, fear, and timid­ity,” di­vulges au­thor of The Best Day Of Your Life, Jen­nifer White. To re­store bal­ance, “imag­ine a beau­ti­ful blue light at the base of your throat, or in any other as­so­ci­ated lo­ca­tions where you’re hav­ing trou­ble. In­hale as you vi­su­alise blue—and health and cleans­ing— fill­ing up these ar­eas, ex­hale and feel the re­lease of stress and ten­sion. You might even feel a cool­ing or warm­ing sen­sa­tion dur­ing the process—this is nor­mal.” Learn to be­lieve in the heal­ing power of wa­ter. Chi­nese medic­i­nal lore be­lieve that wa­ter can re­store qi to the body. “The brain takes in the qi from wa­ter di­rectly from the mouth be­fore it goes into the stom­ach and in­testines to be used for lu­bri­ca­tion,” ex­plains Tai Chi mas­ter Erle Mon­taigue. It will recharge your en­tire be­ing and drain out un­wanted tox­ins. Wa­ter’s re­mark­able ben­e­fits can also be gained be­yond drink­ing it. The rhythm of ti­dal waves, or just lux­u­ri­at­ing in a bath can do won­ders. Un­der­stand the heal­ing pow­ers of blue wa­ters. The floata­tion method is gain­ing pop­u­lar­ity as a holis­tic means of de-stress­ing, and Be Ur­ban Wellness in Da­mansara Heights (Tel: 03-2095 1999) con­ducts a 360-de­gree pro­gramme to im­prove qual­ity of mind and health. Guests can also float in a pool as far afield as the Spa Vil­lage Tem­bok Bali (www. spavil­lagere­sort.com) while stargazing. An aquatic ther­apy known as the Watsu also stretches the body while en­cour­ag­ing stress relief. En­we­meka, an ex­pert in the field of pho­tother­apy, ad­vo­cates the near­in­frared blue light as a form of treat­ment. Chro­mother­apy, a form of colour ther­apy that of­ten goes to­gether with pho­tother­apy, heals the chakras of the body with un­de­ni­ably mag­i­cal touches. Mi­randa Kerr, su­per­model and body as­pi­ra­tion ex­traor­di­naire, also loves to sur­round her­self with meta­phys­i­cal crystals—and for good rea­son. Blue flu­o­rites en­gen­der al­tru­ism, trust, and courage. It also re­stores a deep sense of peace and clar­ity of mind. White con­cludes, “We some­times need to go through the ugly to get to the beau­ti­ful. Be­gin to tap into the best ‘you’ with the world and you might find that you get back more joy than you give.”

Fall into a sea of blue to re­lax and heal

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