A BRIL­LIANT IDEA Sul­wha­soo goes deep into ev­ery cause and ef­fect that will yield that cov­eted com­plex­ion with a new con­cen­trated for­mula. By Li Ying Lim.

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Here is the tricky thing about age­ing skin: There are the fine lines and ob­vi­ous wrin­kles; there’s dull, shad­owy com­plex­ion; un­even­ness in the skin tone that seems so in­ex­pli­ca­ble; and then, there’s this whole thing about de­hy­drated skin.

So many point­ers and con­cerns to ad­dress, so lit­tle time. And for women who own an en­tire boudoir of skin creams and serums (all a part of a skin­care regime that only gets more te­dious and mul­ti­lay­ered through time and age), Sul­wha­soo has good news. With a brand-new for­mula, Sno­wise, the up­graded bright­en­ing skin­care range, boosts col­la­gen, bright­ens the skin, and in­fuses the skin cells with hy­dra­tion.

When it comes to holis­tic Asian beauty, Sul­wha­soo is well­revered for its years of ex­per­tise in fus­ing science and na­ture. A South Korean lux­ury beauty brand that prizes its home­grown herbs as well as its East­ern medic­i­nal her­itage, Sul­wha­soo’s core in­gre­di­ents are largely based on the re­search and science of these herbs, es­pe­cially the Korean gin­seng, re­sult­ing in a phi­los­o­phy that ex­horts the im­por­tance of to­tal body har­mony and bal­ance for ul­ti­mate beauty, also known as Sangseng. The newly up­graded Sul­wha­soo Sno­wise Bright­en­ing Serum, RM650

“Be­cause we of­ten only fo­cus on tar­get­ing melanin pro­duc­tion, we ne­glect the skin-shad­ow­ing ef­fect, which is mainly caused by re­duced skin re­silience,” says Kate Wan, Sul­wha­soo brand science man­ager. Af­ter con­duct­ing clin­i­cal tests on women av­er­ag­ing at 35 years of age – dur­ing which they ex­pe­ri­enced the most rad­i­cal changes with re­gards to age­ing and skin bright­ness – Sul­wha­soo dis­cov­ered a skin-firm­ing and an­time­lanin so­lu­tion in the Korean white gin­seng.

Wan con­tin­ues about Sno­wise’s core in­gre­di­ent: “While con­duct­ing our re­search, we found that the white gin­seng has ex­cep­tional bright­en­ing ef­fects, and in it, saponin and polysac­cha­rides. The white gin­seng saponin is also proven to firm up the skin and sup­press ex­ces­sive melanin pro­duc­tion.”

“Pro­cessed with our patented bio-con­ver­sion tech­nol­ogy, it is the world’s first gin­seng-based whiten­ing in­gre­di­ent that is for­mu­lated for best ab­sorp­tion and ac­ti­va­tion of the bal­anc­ing bright­en­ing fac­tor within our skin cells,” elab­o­rates Wan.

What makes the newly up­graded Sno­wise range so ex­cep­tional this time around is the bright­en­ing for­mula in its most con­cen­trated form, the Sno­wise Bright­en­ing Serum – a new dis­cov­ery of the white gin­seng’s abil­ity to in­fuse the skin with col­la­gen. As the var­i­ous parts of the core in­gre­di­ent work to hy­drate the skin and re­duce dis­coloura­tion, sag­ging skin is also brought back to life.

“The up­graded Sno­wise Bright­en­ing Serum con­tains white gin­seng polysac­cha­rides 2.5 times more con­cen­trated than be­fore,” di­vulges Wan. And yet, the texture is sig­nif­i­cantly lighter than its pre­de­ces­sor. Dur­ing its first ever un­veil­ing of the serum in Koh Sa­mui to Asia-based jour­nal­ists, Wan says, “This is very ex­cit­ing for us. We have not even shown it to the Korean press.” She also an­nounces that this un­prece­dented achieve­ment has al­lowed Sul­wha­soo to coin the term “vol­ume bright­en­ing”. “Work­ing on skin re­silience and melanin sup­pres­sion will ad­dress the root causes of dull­ness and dis­coloura­tion,” af­firms Wan. “This is a deep cure from within.”

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