ANTIAGEING PRO­CE­DURES You’ve prob­a­bly never heard of some of the un­ortho­dox (and ef­fec­tive) treat­ments your friends are un­der­go­ing to look younger. By Liz Krieger.

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IN­STANT EYE­BROW SHAP­ING “I can give your eye­brows that sought-af­ter arch without so much as pluck­ing a hair,” says Amy Wech­sler, a der­ma­tol­o­gist in New York. The se­cret, Wech­sler says, is very small amounts of Bo­tox po­si­tioned just so, to raise or lower the arch without cre­at­ing a frozen fore­head or a crazy-eyed look. KEEP YOUR “WORK” A SE­CRET “Us­ing vas­cu­lar lasers [i.e., those that tar­get blood ves­sels] a day af­ter filler or Bo­tox in­jec­tions can zap away any tell­tale bruis­ing you may want to hide,” says Hale. PORE ERASER “There’s pretty much no top­i­cal prod­uct that can truly af­fect pore size, but Bo­tox can,” says En­gel­man. “On se­ba­ceous ar­eas, such as the nose or cheeks, I use teeny, tiny drops of the neu­ro­toxin. This shrinks the pores but doesn’t com­pro­mise move­ment.” FIVE-MINUTE NOSE JOB “For many peo­ple, their nose prob­lems can ac­tu­ally be fixed with filler,” says Nor­man Rowe, a plas­tic sur­geon in New York. “That may mean adding filler to bal­ance out one side or the other, or us­ing it to smooth out a hump.” It’s also a great way to “try on” a nose job be­fore go­ing for the real thing. SMILE MAKEOVER “To get rid of a gummy smile, I add a bit of Bo­tox into the area just be­neath the nos­trils, which drops the up­per lip just enough to cover up the gummy look,” Hale says. PER­FECT DÉCOLLETAGE Smooth­ing out lines and adding vol­ume to the neck, décolletage, and hands can be tricky to treat with in­jecta­bles, says Joel Sch­lessinger, an Omaha der­ma­tol­o­gist. That’s where the Aquagold Fine Touch mi­croneedling de­vice comes in. “I fill the reser­voir with a hyaluronic acid filler, like Ju­vé­derm, and also with Bo­tox,” says Sch­lessinger. It’s a fast way to cover a big area with min­i­mal prick­ing. STOP SCARS “If some­one has a cut on their face, I some­times add a bit of Dys­port around the area to re­duce move­ment while the cut is heal­ing,” says Mi­ami der­ma­tol­o­gist Jeremy Green. Less ten­sion in the area trans­lates to a less vis­i­ble scar, he ex­plains. BOOST HAIR GROWTH You can use Latisse (nor­mally pre­scribed for boost­ing eye­lash growth) on the ends of your eye­brows—to help fill in patchy ar­eas—or to boost growth on a thin­ning hair­line, says David Col­bert, a der­ma­tol­o­gist in New York. The only down­side: Latisse isn’t cheap, and us­ing more than two drops a day can be an ex­pen­sive hair habit. BAN­ISH JOWLS For peo­ple with mild sag­ging around the jowl area, adding a bit of filler along the jaw­line can help take away that sag­gi­ness and widened look, says New York plas­tic sur­geon Adam Kolker. EARLOBE FIX We don’t of­ten think about our ear­lobes— un­til they get stretched out from years of wear­ing state­ment ear­rings. “Resty­lane can tighten that right up,” says Col­bert. A SOFTER JAW If you grind your teeth, chances are you have an en­larged jaw mus­cle. “Adding Bo­tox into that mas­seter mus­cle will stop you from clench­ing and grind­ing, and give a sub­tle slim­ming look to the face,” says Hale. LIFT & SMOOTH Putting a bit of filler into the hol­lows that oc­cur around the tem­ple area can ac­tu­ally help lift sag­ging cheeks, says En­gel­man, by an­chor­ing the face higher up and giv­ing back a bit of “scaf­fold­ing”.

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