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You could also re­main with cut­ting-edge tech­nol­ogy and go in-depth with the ex­perts. For in­stance, the Ac­tion II Petit Lady pro­ce­dure at M·A·C· Clinic in Bangsar ( Dr. Yap Hae Mun, aes­theti­cian at M·A·C· Clinic, ex­plains that the pre­cise laser “stim­u­lates col­la­gen re­mod­elling. As col­la­gen builds over time, the vagi­nal canal will be tighter and even­tu­ally, trans­forms into a younger, health­ier state.” While this in­ter­nal change can lead to bet­ter sex and re­duce gy­nae­co­log­i­cal is­sues, there are ex­ter­nal re­wards, too. “The nor­mal frac­tional mode of this laser will cause mi­cro-peel­ing of the labia epi­der­mis to in­duce to­tal re­newal and achieve a pink vulva with a nat­u­ral, silky tex­ture,” Dr. Yap says. None­the­less, en­ter­tain­ing such pro­ce­dures can be ques­tion­able. Does it truly mat­ter if our vul­vas are wilt­ing or bloom­ing? And what hap­pens when we in­ter­change “vulva” for “vagina”, as it is so com­monly done in the me­dia? Ac­cord­ing to Dr. Martha Tara Lee, clin­i­cal sex­ol­o­gist at Eros Coach­ing, this mat­ter of the ter­mi­nol­ogy is not ir­rel­e­vant. “For some peo­ple, know­ing and re­fer­ring to our pri­vate parts by their proper names is the first step to truly own­ing their sex­u­al­ity,” she says. So, while cos­metic vulva prac­tices might hin­der the fem­i­nist cause by pre­sent­ing yet an­other body part to scru­ti­nise—as Dr. Yap fairly re­marks, some trends arise from “women hy­per-fo­cus­ing on ev­ery last flaw”—it’s also a per­sonal choice that can im­part confidence and sex­ual health. The line is blurred be­tween un­healthy self-im­age and tak­ing au­ton­omy of one’s pri­vate parts, but you have the right to tend to your own flow­ers, af­ter all. And Dr. Lee af­firms, “If it makes a woman feel em­pow­ered, then so be it.”

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