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Look to the fu­ture with your best face for­ward, thanks to Decorté’s trans­for­ma­tive anti-age­ing rit­u­als. By Aisha Has­san. umi­nous and smooth—skin qual­i­ties that are abun­dant dur­ing the glory days of youth, but which need the help of sci­ence to en­dure. In the sea of cos­met­ics that have risen to meet this need, Decorté’s iP.Shot, which tar­gets age­ing at the DNA level us­ing re­search never pre­vi­ously har­nessed for skin­care, cer­tainly stands out. With this break­through, the door to end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties opens, and on the other side, an­other serum that com­pletes the road to a youth­ful com­plex­ion awaits: Decorté’s AQMW Re­ple­tion. Stand­ing for Ab­so­lute Qual­ity Mir­a­cle Won­der, and with pack­ag­ing de­signed by famed Dutch de­signer Mar­cel Wan­ders, the AQMW range fo­cuses on fus­ing re­gen­er­a­tive medicine—stem cell re­search—with al­ter­na­tive medicine, which fo­cuses on holis­tic healing. n the course of time, our skin loses firm­ness. As a 4-D serum, AQMW Re­ple­tion ad­dresses three spa­tial di­men­sions (height, width, and depth) to com­bat this symp­tom of age­ing, but also looks to­ward a fourth di­men­sion—time—to act as a pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sure against age­ing ef­fects. Pro­fes­sor Shigeru Mukaida from Hokkaido In­for­ma­tion Univer­sity found that the pull of grav­ity on the up­per half of the face was the pri­mary aes­thetic sig­nal of age. Mukaida also con­cludes that the 30s and 40s are the most es­sen­tial age pe­ri­ods to cure such im­bal­ance. To­gether, AQMW Re­ple­tion and iP.Shot lift the skin’s cel­lu­lar architecture for an un­par­al­leled youth-in­duc­ing ef­fect—restor­ing bal­ance, if you will. irstly, AQMW Re­ple­tion should be used as an all-over serum. The key to its power is its fo­cus on pro­gen­i­tor cells, which cre­ate new epi­der­mal cells and con­se­quently keep the skin lifted and healthy from within. The epi­der­mis is the skin’s outer layer, and when iP.Shot is ap­plied se­lec­tively to wrin­kles, it will reach the deeper layer, the der­mis, where the magic touch dou­bles. The iP.Shot reaches the core fa­cil­i­ta­tor of col­la­gen and elastin pro­duc­tion: the fi­brob­last cell and the qual­ity of its mi­to­chon­dria. What this means is that each layer of the skin is given a sys­tem­atic boost com­pletely backed by cel­lu­lar sci­ence, with the tar­geted iP.Shot reach­ing the DNA level—a reg­i­men never pre­vi­ously pos­si­ble. ex­ture, scent, feel­ing—sen­sa­tions are just as cru­cial for the po­tency of the rit­ual. A re­lax­ing blend of es­sen­tial oils and san­dal­wood in­fuse AQMW Re­ple­tion in or­der to com­bat the dam­age caused by stress. Sim­i­larly, iP.Shot’s aroma was also de­signed for sooth­ing ben­e­fits: cit­rus, woody, and flo­ral notes come to­gether for a multi-sen­sory ex­pe­ri­ence. To­gether, the prod­ucts ful­fil the AQMW line’s ethos of “In­te­grated Beauty”, which lever­ages on the syn­ergy be­tween healing the skin and the mind, for ul­ti­mate ra­di­ant re­sults. If there’s a process to lift your skin and spir­its, it’s this—and if there’s a time to do it, it’s now.

Dually pris­tine skin at Mon­cler Gamme Rouge Au­tumn/Win­ter ’16

Decorté AQMW Re­ple­tion, RM612.60

Decorté iP.Shot, RM378

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