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Sci­ence has shown that the qual­ity of air within build­ings is, at times, worse than the qual­ity of out­door air, and that un­for­tu­nately might also re­fer to your bed­room. In­door air qual­ity prob­lems, be­lieved to be re­lated to con­tam­i­nants con­cen­trated within build­ings, can cause ill­nesses among peo­ple who spend time therein. It might be dust (re­fer to sleep prob­lem num­ber one); though much could also come from the un­sus­pected in­clud­ing your fur­ni­ture, can­dles, air fresh­en­ers and chem­i­cal laden house­hold clean­ers. Good ven­ti­la­tion is cru­cial, as with­out it the air might be­come stag­nant, leav­ing the con­tam­i­nants float­ing around with no way to es­cape.

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